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 From:  "Sebastian Davie" <sd at clients dot ch>
 To:  "m0n0wall" <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Writing CF cards under Vista
 Date:  Thu, 14 Feb 2008 12:45:41 +0100
I have written to alot of CF cards in the past, even with Vista.. But am
probably just out of luck. Here's what happens:

I get the drive, but it just stops after 23576 Bytes..

@Radiotech: I am nearly there ... Vista is generally ok, but I am
starting to loose it ;)

C:\>physdiskwrite.exe freedos_alixupdate_0.99.img

physdiskwrite v0.5.1 by Manuel Kasper <mk at neon1 dot net>

Searching for physical drives...

Information for \\.\PhysicalDrive0:
   Windows:       cyl: 123
                  tpc: 255
                  spt: 63
   C/H/S:         1966/16/63
   Model:         CF 1GB
   Serial number: TSS20006071128215757
   Firmware rev.: 20070709

Information for \\.\PhysicalDrive1:
   Windows:       cyl: 15505
                  tpc: 240
                  spt: 63
   C/H/S:         16383/16/63
   Model:         HITACHI HTS541612J9SA00
   Serial number:       SB2D41E4JS0SME
   Firmware rev.: SBDIC7EP

Which disk do you want to write? (0..1) 0
About to overwrite the contents of disk 0 with new data. Proceed? (y/n)
24576/8225280 bytes writtenWrite error after 24576 bytes.

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From: Chris Buechler [mailto:cbuechler at gmail dot com] 
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Subject: Re: [m0n0wall] Writing CF cards under Vista

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 12:53 AM, Ervin Malicdem <schadow1 at gmail dot com>
> run command console as admin then access physdiskwrite from there.

The issues a couple people are experiencing occur when running as
admin. If you don't run as admin, it doesn't list any disks. I know
that's not what Chris Bagnall described seeing, not sure about others.


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