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 From:  "Wayne Fiori" <dev9null at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] snmp monitoring
 Date:  Sat, 8 Mar 2008 06:08:09 -0800
I utilize a combination of Cacti for performance monitoring and Argus
(http://argus.tcp4me.com/) for fault monitoring. In addition to those
two, I have Smokeping (http://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping/) monitoring
the connection latency of specific remote servers.

Those three are light-weight enough from my network, but Zenoss
(http://www.zenoss.com/), OpenNMS
(http://www.opennms.org/index.php/Main_Page), and JFFNMS
(http://www.jffnms.org/) are bigger systems that are worth a look.

On Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at 3:57 AM, Neil A. Hillard <m0n0 at dana dot org dot uk> wrote:
> Hi,
>  In message
>  <799e44b30803080340v4c3bccd4gaf4567aa84077944 at mail dot gmail dot com>, YvesDM
>  <ydmlog at gmail dot com> writes
> >Hi Tim,
>  >
>  >Tnx for the interesting info.
>  >I tried cacti some years ago, but it wasn't quite what I expected.
>  >But maybe I didn't give myself the time to explore it enough.
>  >
>  >I want to monitor over the WAN.
>  >PS Do I have to add a nat/firewall rule to enable this or is enabling snmp
>  >enough?
>  >
>  >Uptime, sysload, memory usage, bytes transfered, etc are the most important
>  >creteria for me.
>  >I will sure take a look at ez-cacti and opennms. The monitor host runs
>  >debian etch. (now using smokeping, but I want more)
>  >I also bumped into jffnms (http://www.jffnms.org) which also seemed to have
>  >the things I want.
>  >The sms alerts are very interesting. Is it really full included or did you
>  >also write a script to use a service as voipcheap or something like it?
>  I currently use Cacti for performance graphing and Nagios for
>  availability monitoring.
>  I have a Wismo GSM modem (with a Pay As You Go SIM) hooked up to the
>  serial port on my Linux box and when Nagios spots a problem I have a
>  script that will dump a message into a database which is picked up by
>  gnokii-smsd and sent through the GSM modem (I was originally using an
>  old Nokia phone but found that it would sometimes loose the connection
>  to gnokii-smsd - things may have improved now, though).
>  I also have an APC MasterSwitch which Nagios can tell to powercycle a
>  specific port (using SNMP) - currently only set to powercycle my ADSL
>  router as it has been problematic (until I attached it to the
>  MasterSwitch) but could be set to powercycle any port if it detects that
>  the device is unresponsive!
>  HTH,
>                                 Neil.
>  >On Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at 9:50 AM, Timothy Taylor <TimT at balli dot co dot uk> wrote:
>  >
>  >> I use cacti, opennms and a batch file for internal monitoring. Never tried
>  >> to monitor over the Internet or from the public interface. I guess snmp
>  >> should be subjectable to a rule, and might even be accessible via a vpn
>  >> link.
>  >>
>  >> Cacti is pretty and runs under windows or linux. There is a pre-made linux
>  >> distribution called ez-cacti that installs most stuff, I believe. Mine is on
>  >> Windows and has been running for several years. I've avoided updating or
>  >> upgrading because I fear that I'll lose my historical data. It's also a low
>  >> enough priority that other things fill my day, that and it works! I'm not
>  >> sure I quite yet understand the concepts well enough yet to simply add
>  >> counters without recourse to documentation, but I have added some
>  >> quad-processor utilisation measures, arithmetic and graphs. It doesn't scan
>  >> the network for new hosts like opennms does. It also didn't have network
>  >> diagrams, but that may have changed.
>  >>
>  >> Opensnmp I tried for it's ability to alert, which is laterly available in
>  >> Cacti (I think). It's not as pretty as cacti, but may scale better - my
>  >> network just isn't big enough to tell. The alerting is very granular and
>  >> supports many paths. I use mail and sms, but after a while, the sms
>  >> component gives up. Adding other non-out-of-the-box monitors was easier than
>  >> cacti, but mine don't alert me. Reporting is better and it gives you up-time
>  >> figures. Again, time constraints have stopped me investigating the sms and
>  >> alerting issues. I don't recall any diagramming tools.
>  >>
>  >> Lastly, to alert me about via sms about critical failures to the email
>  >> system I wrote a batch file with pings and wget.  I thought it would be
>  >> quicker than fixing the above niggles and it gave me some defence in depth.
>  >> I even used a laptop so that it had it's own modem and battery. It needs to
>  >> count files in four folders using batch file trickery, check that the
>  >> routers and switches are on using ping, and that the email agents are
>  >> running using authenticated wget. It's still proving it's value, so it's
>  >> running on an 128MB w2k box that needs to be restarted regularly (I've set
>  >> that for every 4 hours). With new laptops coming in at £200 at
>  >> morgancomputers.co.uk, I'll upgrade soon. I force it to send a status
>  >> email at restart so I know on my BB that things are being watched for me.
>  >>
>  >> Not really monitoring, but on the watching side, I installed an arp
>  >> monitoring tool on one of my Linux boxes that sends me a mail when it sees
>  >> new MAC addresses on my lan. I haven't tried extending it to querying the
>  >> switches to see what port it is on, but I ran through the idea on paper.
>  >>
>  >> I've recently looked at NetCrunch from adrem/emereo and in combination
>  >> with Server Manager for my NetWare boxes, I'm tempted to use that. It does
>  >> all of the above, I think, and prettily too - it even has a access
>  >> controlled web portal so that you could let the high-ups glimpse the
>  >> network. The new release of NetCrunch 5, which was demoed to me yesterday,
>  >> has an enhanced network diagram component from v4 that uses scalable views.
>  >>
>  >> I hope that helps, or may be of interest.
>  >> Tim
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>  >> Hi,
>  >>
>  >> I'm looking for a nice, centralized way to monitor about 100 m0n0walls
>  >> over
>  >> snmp.
>  >> I'm sure many people already doing this. What are you using for
>  >> monitoring?
>  >> All suggestions are welcome.
>  >>
>  >> Kind regards
>  >> Y.
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