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 From:  Fred Grayson <fredgrayson at bellsouth dot net>
 To:  m0nowall Mail List <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] failed upgrade
 Date:  Tue, 11 Mar 2008 00:55:02 -0400
David Burgess wrote:
> I'm trying to upgrade a generic-pc image from 1.233 to 1.3b10 from the GUI.
> After the automatic reboot my m0n0 is still on 1.233. My syslog server
> contains the following 2 lines:
> Mar 10 22:20:00 m0n0wall.local /kernel: pid 240 (php), uid 0 on /ftmp: file
> system full
> Mar 10 22:20:11 m0n0wall.local reboot: rebooted by root
> I'm not too familiar with m0n0's file system. Is there a way to get this to
> work? Perhaps by clearing the ftmp file system or using an intermediary
> image to increase the file system size?
> I realize I could pull the cf card and reflash it manually on another
> computer, but I'm a bit lazy like that. Any help appreciated.
> db


I have run into this myself using the generic PC version recently and my 
question of it was answered on the m0n0wall Mail List back around March 1st.

It does look like the upgrade completes properly if you are watching 
m0nowall on the GUI while it's happening. But it doesn't, and if you 
watch the console screen during the upgrade you do get a message that 
indicates the new image didn't make it in.

Basically you are going to have to re-flash it manually - it can't be 
upgraded via m0nowall itself directly in one step.

Quoting the author, Manuel Kasper, it's "probably because 1.3b10 is too 
large to fit in the MFS that 1.233 allocates for a firmware upgrade.
Try upgrading from 1.233 to 1.3b7 (which is a bit smaller) first, and
then from 1.3b7 to 1.3b10."

URL for the suggested 1.3b7:


I was able to complete the upgrade using the method suggested by Manuel. 
However, 1.3b10 did not work for me here and I went back to 1.233. I 
don't recall if 1.3b7 was mangled here for me as well or not though; I 
just wanted to get back up and running on what has been working 
perfectly - 1.233.

Hope this gets you where you want to be. And maybe Manuel will produce a 
1.233 with the larger MFS needed to upgrade via m0n0wall itself. He 
indicated he might.