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 From:  Jeff Buehler <jeff at buehlertech dot com>
 To:  Michel Servaes <michel at mcmc dot be>
 Cc:  Monowall User List <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] how to add a route for a IPSEC VPN that lies on another box ?
 Date:  Mon, 17 Mar 2008 17:20:27 -0700
Hi Michael -

Being a "Virtual Private Network" a VPN is intended to allow an 
artificail, encrypted comuter to join a preexisting LAN.  So, if you 
have a private (non-public) IP via a VPN (i.e. 192.168.22.x) then that 
is your route.  In other words, you mention that you have an IPSEC VPN 
to the office already, I assume your m0n0wall to the PFSsense device.  
If that is the case, then your home m0n0wall already belongs to the 
office LAN thanks to the IPSEC VPN, and your computer being attached to 
the m0n0wall should then be a member of that LAN as well, being either 
assigned a private IP via DHCP for the IPSEC VPN LAN or assigning itself 

So, the IPSEC VPN tunnel between your home m0n0wall and office PFSEnse 
devices might have IP's in a range of something like -  If that is the case, your workstation should then be 
able to assign itself or be assigned an IP in that range and be part of 
the LAN provided by the VPN.  IN other words, if I understand your 
email, you already have a route established, you just need to use it.



Michel Servaes wrote:
> Ok, this is just a curiosity question - but it would be a great way to 
> solve some of my issues.
> I have a monowall at home -great product by the way, and a pfSense at 
> the office -another great product.
> I have multiple VPN's setup at the office to my collegues (and myself).
> Is there a way to add routes on either monowall or pfsense, that would 
> allow me to reach one of my collegues through the VPN of the office.
> I don't want to make another VPN at home, I just want to be able to 
> access all the VPN's with some kind of rule or route...
> I know I can make a PPTP VPN to the pfSense at work, and work my way 
> through this VPN, but I'd really would love to have this option right 
> ontop of my one IPSEC VPN tunnel that I have to the office.
> - should I create rules on my box at the office, or would some static 
> routes on my monowall work as well ??
> - or, should I forget this, and create each IPSEC VPN individually...
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