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 From:  Ebay at aarelectronics dot com
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 Subject:  Re: Re: [m0n0wall] to list admin: reply address
 Date:  Tue, 29 Jul 2008 09:15:20 -0500
What program allows you to do this.  I am on
quite a few list, and this is the only one that
behaves this way.  I can not simply hit reply.  I
have to hit reply to all and cut and paist the cc
to the to field and delete the origional person
 from the to field.  It works, but it is a little
agrivating.  Expecially when I forget.  What if
the list program were switched so the reply would
go to the list first, and the origional sender
was in the CC field in the email.  I am sure that
most people intend to reply to the list, not the
individual sender.  This would still allow those
few who do to reply to the sender, but would let
the simple minded people like me simply hit reply
to answer a question.  I think others could
benifit from the answers to other peoples
problems.  I use godaddy webmail and Outlook 2000
usually.  Just my 2 cents,   Ryan Rodrigue

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Rene Moser wrote:
> Klaus Stock schrieb:
>> If your mail program disregards these standard
headers, you might 
>> consider
>> to change the software, or complain towards
the software's author.
>> I don't believe that it would be helpful to
violate the known 
>> standards (and
>> to break the behaviour of programs which obey
these standards).
> hmm, the strange thing is, that i often get
replies directy to my 
> address from this list, and on other lists my
mail program does it also 
> right.
> So that is why i thought, this could be non
standard, but anyway, it is 
> not a big deal.
> Thanks
> rm

Individuals who reply do have choices if their
mail program is up to it. 
They can reply to the list only, reply to you
directly only, or reply to 

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