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 From:  "Chad R. Larson" <clarson at eldocomp dot com>
 To:  "Hilton at QuarkAV dot com" <Hilton at QuarkAV dot com>, "m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch" <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Mail Server Behind 1.0
 Date:  Tue, 17 Feb 2004 15:48:11 -0700
At 03:23 PM 2/17/2004, Hilton Travis wrote:
>I can also understand that a number of businesses have sensitive email on 
>their mail server, so want it in the more protected LAN network.  But 
>these users also need to realize that running a mail server on the LAN 
>will result in Internet traffic making connections directly to a device on 
>your LAN, therefore weakening the security that your firewall 
>provides.  Especially if it is a Microsoft mail server.

Our solution:

{Internet}---/outer firewall/----[DMZ]----/inner firewall/----[LAN]---

The mail server lives on the DMZ, and the outer firewall allows access to 
its SMTP port.  The server spools, but does not deliver, mail to machines 
on the LAN.  A cron job uses SCP to fetch the contents of the spool 
directory to a machine on the LAN which then does the delivery.  (Ugly 
locking tricks elided.)

This allows us to keep intact one of our fundamental rules: No connections 
between the DMZ and the LAN may be initiated from the DMZ.

You =must= treat machines in a DMZ as potentially hostile.  Any machine 
visible to the great unwashed internet is subject to compromise (especially 
if running Microsoft software :->).  The whole purpose of a DMZ is to limit 
the damage a compromised machine can do.

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