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 From:  "Harbert, Orange Broom" <harbert at orangebroom dot com dot br>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Server park unavailable
 Date:  Mon, 15 Sep 2008 10:46:50 -0300
Hi @all

Problem resolved, had nothing to do with m0n0wall, but a routering problem 
with or after the provider.
Cyso resolved it by choosing another route to Brazil, therefor problem 



Hi Lee,

That is correct, even moving back to b13 or pre-b13 or b12 did not do the 
What was strange that it started intermittend, like 1st 30 mins now, then 
all of a sudden I had no problems more. Then it sterted to be more 
permanent, I tested with going back to b13, did not resolve, flashed b14 
again and worked!!

But since this week, nothing works anymore, whatever I do.
A protocol analyser does not give me more info so far.
SSH traffic I also do, but not in this IP range.
Here simply HTTP traffic to these servers is not allowed, I'm 
puzzled....(they say we ara not blocked.....)


At 11:22 p.m. 11/09/2008, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have ran in to a strange problem since I updated to  1.3b14.
> From that moment on I can not reach (first intermittend, since tuesday not 

>al all anymore) a certain server park (cyso.net) 1 of the servers is a must 

>we have to login, but the page does not even open (not in our whole 
>no matter what OS or browser or personal firewall on/off).
>They see there or request coming in, looks also like the response is given 
>back, but somehow, somewhere the traffic is blocked. They already tried to 
>adapt their firewall, by allowing our traffic.
>Since I have at home the same provider without any problems, but no M0n0, 
>the problem has to be here.
>I tried going back to older versions, but that did not help also (only gave 

>me a corrupted install when I updated for the 6th time back to 1.3b14, had 
>to flash again my CF-card).
>I see no entries in the firewall, only in status.php I see the IP address 
>mentioned (the 85.158 address):
>List of active sessions:
>MAP 192.168.xx.yy   1560  <- -> 212.12.345.67   23540 [85.158.201.zzz 80]
>        ttl 465 use 0 sumd 0x2478/0x2478 pr 6 bkt 8235/15107 flags 1
>        ifp X,X bytes 1125/796 pkts 3/3 ipsumd ce9b
>MAP 192.168.xx.yy   1558  <- -> 212.12.345.67   49817 [85.158.201.zzz 80]
>        ttl 465 use 0 sumd 0x8b1f/0x8b1f pr 6 bkt 7723/8297 flags 1
>        ifp X,X bytes 812/1066 pkts 5/5 ipsumd ce9b
>List of active host mappings:
>192.168.xx.yy,85.158.201.zzz -> (use = 3 hv = 0)
>Where the 85.158 address is the server I need to reach.
>So it looks like an active mapping is setup, but..........
>Anybody an idea what this can be? I have this so far only with a bunch of 
>addresses with cyso.net server park.

So you mean the problem only arose after you updated to 1.3 b14 but now even 

moving back to b13 doesn't help? If so, I may have the same problem as you. 
I often connect to a friends computer via SSH (the computer is running SSHd 
in cygwin). This used to work fine. Recently it's stopped working, both 
Putty and WinSCP say the connection was closed unexpectedly. At first I 
thought it was some sort of weird interaction with half-bridge as my old 
modem supported PPtP passthrough for PPPoA connections and my new modem does 

not, and only supports half-bridge. But after reader your message, I tried 
the old modem again with PPtP and it doesn't work either. I'd earlier got 
another friend to try and connect to the SSH server and it worked fine (well 

he got to the logon terminal which was further then I ever get) so I don't 
believe it's a server problem. And I'm able to connect to a VNC server on 
the same computer.

I haven't tested it extensively so it could be something else and I did 
recently move ISP (although I think my ISP would be a problem, they haven't 
had any other weird issues, e.g. eMule and P2P apps work fine and as I said 
even VNC to the same computer works fine). I haven't looked extensively at 
my m0n0wall config to see if there could be any usses, all I did was move 
back to b13 (which I'm still running now actually).

But if I read your message correctly, you're having a similar issue, which 
happened after you upgraded to b14 and moving back to b13 didn't help?


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