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 From:  "Neil A. Hillard" <m0n0 at dana dot org dot uk>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Problems with 1.3b15 on a Compaq EN SFF...
 Date:  Sun, 9 Nov 2008 16:31:23 +0000

>I decided that it was time to upgrade to 1.3b15 as I want to setup a VPN
>with one of my customers and want the ability to filter the incoming VPN
>I've been running on an 8MB CF card up until now but 1.3 won't fit on
>that!  I got a spare 64MB card and loaded up 1.3b15 (using dd on my
>Linux box).  I downloaded a backup from 1.22 and swapped the cards.
>As LAN is on a VLAN connection I temporarily set the IP address of LAN
>and connected it to a switch port that was on the correct VLAN and
>uploaded the backup.
>The machine rebooted (I switched the LAN connection back to the correct
>switch port) but I wasn't able to communicate at all with the firewall.
>ARPs on both LAN and OPT1 were failing.
>Switching back to the original CF card brought everything back to life.
>I've since upgraded to 1.235 on the 8MB CF card and all is still well!

Just a quick message to let you all know that I've located the problem 
that caused all interfaces on my upgraded firewall to fail!

It turns out it was 'Use device polling' being enabled!  Under 1.235 the 
fxp interface supports device polling but the xl interfaces don't. 
Having device polling enabled didn't have any adverse effect.

However, on 1.3b15 it turns out that enabling device polling stops all 
of the interfaces working!  status.php shows that no devices support 
device polling!

Maybe this should be noted somewhere - enabling it on 1.2x didn't have 
any adverse effect but on 1.3x it does!

My backup from 1.22 is working fine on 1.3b15 and I can confirm that you 
don't need to go via 1.3b7 when just restoring a backup (only when you 
are actually upgrading the firmware itself.

Hope this helps someone else out!



Neil A. Hillard                E-Mail:   m0n0 at dana dot org dot uk