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 From:  Lee Sharp <leesharp at hal dash pc dot org>
 To:  m0n0wall <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] m0n0wall on ALIX kernel panicing and rebooting
 Date:  Wed, 10 Dec 2008 11:21:12 -0600
mtnbkr wrote:
> Thanks for the reply Chris. Are there some simple instructions for mounting
> the m0n0 image and editing this file?  This seems to be outdated and is not
> helping me much: http://doc.m0n0.ch/dev/dev-host.html
> For example:
> # vnconfig
> ERROR: vnconfig(8) has been discontinued
>         Please use mdconfig(8).
> And mdconfig's options are not the same as the vnconfig options listed in the URL.
> I thought I read somewhere that I would need a FreeBSD machine to do it.  No
> problem there, just might need a small bit of hand-holding. In other words, I
> have extensive Linux experience, but a little less FreeBSD experience. :)
> Also, I failed to mention that this site has quite a bit of rules. Many rules
> are duplicated for each dorm. Would reducing the number of rules help in any
> way?  I would guess not, but then again I am not a FreeBSD kernel/memory/ipf
> expert. :)

There should still be a copy of VMDE on Chris's server at 
http://chrisbuechler.com/m0n0wall/downloads/vmde-0.2.rar  It works in 
qemu, and has the tools to mount images.  I used to have a website too, 
but it went away.