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 From:  Tim Kingman <tim dot kingman at gmail dot com>
 To:  M0n0wall Mailing List <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: WII behind m0n0wall
 Date:  Sun, 14 Dec 2008 23:08:32 -0500
Today, I successfully "hosted" a Mario Kart race with 1.3b15. I used  
my existing 1.2 config, which has static DHCP defined for all devices  
(including the Wii), and two NAT rules for two computers, but no other  
settings specific to the Wii. I have no other NAT or 1:1 mappings  
defined. I don't see anything in the log for the default deny rule, so  
I can't confirm or deny the use of any unusual high-numbered ports.

I'm not sure what more I can offer here, but it looks like 1.3b15  
isn't itself incompatible with Mario Kart.. I had originally intended  
to try a clean default config, but I had a 1.2 config handy and it  
worked with no trouble. I can try again with a clean 1.3 config if you  
think that would give us any more information.

I was and still am under the assumption that Nintendo WFC doesn't have  
any inbound-port requirements, and that the "Create a room" option is  
more like creating an AIM chat room (everything happens server-side)  
than hosting a game of Quake (many peers connecting to another peer).  
While FPS players may be able to handle port forwarding, Nintendo is  
marketing to families and non-"hardcore gamers", and none of their  
games make any mention of requiring special settings on home networks.


On Dec 12, 2008, at 6:50 AM, Christopher M. Iarocci wrote:

> Tim,
> I am able to do everything you described.  It is when someone tries  
> to connect to my room that it fails.  They cannot.  I can also play  
> on Nintendo WFC and create rooms at will.  The failure is when  
> someone tries to connect to that room.  Interestingly enough, if the  
> someone connecting is behind a Linksys, they CAN connect, but if  
> they're behind another m0n0wall, or behind a Cisco (only ones I've  
> confirmed so far), they can not connect.  If I put in the Linksys,  
> anyone can connect to me no matter what router they are behind.  All  
> of this goes away if I put in a 1:1 mapping to the Wii.
> Chris
> Tim Kingman wrote:
>> Sorry for not getting to this last week when I promised. I'm now  
>> running
>> 1.3b15 with the same config as my 1.2 box. I can connect to  
>> Nintendo WFC,
>> and I can "Create a Room" without problems, but none of my friends  
>> are
>> online right now to actually try a race. Since my config upgraded  
>> with no
>> problem, I think I'll keep running 1.3b for a few days and try to  
>> catch
>> somebody tomorrow night. I was able to join a worldwide Vs. race  
>> and play it
>> successfully. (Well, I didn't win, but the network was successful.)
>> -tim
>> On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 8:51 PM, Tim Kingman <tim dot kingman at gmail dot com>  
>> wrote:
>>> What games are you playing? I'm running 1.235 and have never set  
>>> up any
>>> forwarding to my Wii, and I don't have any problems "hosting" in  
>>> Mario Kart
>>> or Guitar Hero. I had assumed that the Wii connected to Nintendo's  
>>> WFC
>>> servers and all the communication happened there, rather than the  
>>> PC games
>>> style of having other players actually connecting to your PC. When  
>>> I have
>>> had problems, I would get disconnected after a minute or two of a  
>>> kart race,
>>> but we would see similar issues regardless of who first opened the  
>>> room.
>>> I guess I don't really have any useful suggestions or information  
>>> here. I'm
>>> sure there are other Wii owners on multiple firmware versions to  
>>> chime in. I
>>> have some spare hardware here and may try installing 1.3 over the  
>>> weekend to
>>> see if I get different results than 1.2.
>>> -Tim
>>> On Dec 3, 2008, at 7:02 PM, Christopher M. Iarocci wrote:
>>> I have a WII behind my m0n0wall at home.  I'm running 1.3B15.  I  
>>> am unable
>>>> to host a room on the WII.  I can connect to a hosted room  
>>>> without issue.  I
>>>> found the ports used to host a game and port forwarded them to my  
>>>> WII.
>>>> However, even though they are not being blocked (checked the  
>>>> logs), the
>>>> connection still does not happen.  So, I dropped a Linksys in  
>>>> place, bam,
>>>> hosting works fine.  So I did a bit more experimenting with the  
>>>> m0n0wall
>>>> (borrowed a friend's WII and connected them both).  If I do a 1:1  
>>>> NAT
>>>> mapping to the WII from my outside IP and open the firewall ports,
>>>> everything works fine.  If I simply port forward the ports and  
>>>> open the
>>>> firewall, it will not work.  So my question here is, what is the  
>>>> major
>>>> difference between port forwarding and 1:1, and is there a way to  
>>>> get around
>>>> this problem?  I would love to leave the 1:1 in place, but  
>>>> unfortunately I
>>>> only have a single IP and other services that run behind it that  
>>>> get broken
>>>> when the 1:1 is in place.  Thanks for any help you can offer.
>>>> Chris