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 From:  "David Kitchens" <spider at webweaver dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Tough sell to my boss
 Date:  Mon, 12 Jan 2009 20:41:05 -0500
I've had clients ask me why I recommend m0n0wall over better known vendors
and after being in the biz for 15 years and watching how things progress, it
makes more sense to use products that just plain WORK! 
Here is an example: this is one of my clients, a 100 year old company,
running a Soekris net4501, built and put into production in Oct 2005 running
1.1. It's connecting to another identical box three states away via IPSec.

Version 1.21 
built on Sun Jan 1 12:53:10 CET 2006  
Platform net45xx  
Uptime 15 days, 15:34  
Last config change Fri Jan 9 15:00:40 EST 2009  
CPU usage view graph 
Memory usage  35%  
Notes: Upgrade 1.21 - 01/02/06 after 94 day uptime
	12/12/08 - 861 days uptime
	12/30/08 - Power outage thru-out city overnite  

If it hadn't been for a big storm before Christmas the box would have nearly
900 days of continous use! I guess now that its rebooted, I could upgrade to
1.235, the only reason I hadn't was the uptime was so nice!

Regarding support? I get more information about networking in general off
this list that it is actually BETTER than ANY paid support I've ever had. If
you don't get an answer to a question within a few hours on this list I am
surprised! When the product is of such quality that support is irrelevant...
Need I say more? Some people do run into problems, I won't say they don't by
any means, but with the level of experienced people this list has on it I'd
say nearly 98% of problems are resolved within a day or two. I used to sell
Smoothwall, a huge beast with a huge price tag, I see no need to sell my
clients that when something like this is available for nothing. If your boss
really wants to give his money away, I'm sure Manual would find a use for
it! :-) 

Just my 2 cents...

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Subject: [m0n0wall] Tough sell to my boss

My boss is the type of person who would rather pay more (loads more) for a
Cisco ASA because paid support can be found for it and there are "lots of
people who know how to support it". I need to counter these arguments in
order to implement m0n0wall.

1. Are there any companies in the USA supporting m0n0wall (paid support)?

2. What major (well known) companies or organizations (Universities,
etc) are using m0n0wall in production?

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