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 From:  Steve Bertrand <steve at ibctech dot ca>
 To:  Daniel Ekman <daniel at 33k dot org>
 Cc:  M0n0wall Mailing List <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Proxy forwarder
 Date:  Wed, 15 Apr 2009 03:01:41 -0400
Daniel Ekman wrote:
> I would also like this functionality, seeing how m0n0 is not intended to be a proxy of any kind i
need to be able to send certain packets to other appliances/boxes..
> this could be what you are looking for Steve but also SMTP or any other protocol for that matter.

I just imaged a CF card that now is bootable in an old MultiTech
Routefinder RF-600VPN box.

The forwarding functionality is a must-have.

It has been years since I've toyed with anything m0n0 code-wise. Years
ago, I wrapped an automation script around (IIRC) m0n0BSD [1], to build
the system.

At that time, I was able to put changes into the FBSD system itself and
then wrap them up into a custom OS. My wrapper did all of the disk space
design/allocation etc dynamically, encompassing the design within the
m0n0BSD instructions between my wrapper program. I was then able to
develop disks of all sizes automagically by simply connecting them to
the IDE channel and hitting the ENTER key ;) (All Perl).

I would like it if I could make changes to the core of the image (FBSD
level), and if the changes work well, have the GUI people make it appear
in the browser. Is this scenario plausible?

There is much I could add if I don't have to do any GUI work. I can even
dedicate a decent box with decent bandwidth for development purposes (in

My core interest is IPv6 for CPE. My personal interest is a side-effect
of packet hijacking ;)

From what I can tell, its either m0n0wall, or pfSense, which is based on
m0n0 anyway.

If packet hijacking can become possible for 80/443, then any other port
is a cakewalk.


[1] Very much changed since I first used it: http://m0n0.ch/bsd/