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 From:  JP Vossen <jp at jpsdomain dot org>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  SD MythTV, more CPU needed on FW?
 Date:  Tue, 08 Sep 2009 01:29:48 -0400
I recently moved my wireless access point to a dedicated interface on my 
M0n0wall generic-pc 1.231 running on an 10 year old OptiPlex Gs+ P166. 
(Wow, I'd forgotten how *old* that box was!  M0n0wall works great, 
though the GUI is a tad sluggish.)

When the WRT54GL wireless AP was directly on the LAN, standard def MPEG2 
played over MythTV perfectly.  Now that I've firewalled it (separate 
segment, non-bridged) and opened up TCP/3306 and TCP/6543-6544 (tried 
with and w/o 'frag'), playback is too choppy to watch.  It will play for 
~2 seconds, pause for ~2 seconds, etc.

I'm only using 21% of memory and CPU load is in the 0-5% range even when 
attempting to watch MythTV.  No VPNs, pretty small environment.  FYI the 
LAN and W_LAN ports are on the same IntelDual (fxp driver) card (though 
I know the packets still have to leave the card to go through packet 
filtering).  The LAN itself is a D-Link DLI-DGS-1224T "smart" 
10/100/1000 switch, and as noted when everything was local to that it 
worked fine (since the limit there was wireless speed).

While I admit the FW hardware is ancient (P166!), according to M0n0wall 
I'm still barely using it.  Does anyone think throwing hardware at the 
firewall will fix this problem?  If so, why, since CPU and RAM use are 
so low.  What am I missing?

Would the latest M0n0wall beta firmware help?

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