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 From:  "Johan Bergquist" <johan dot bergquist at fredab dot se>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  There must be something wrong with me or my brain. NAT-problems
 Date:  Thu, 19 Feb 2004 11:07:20 +0100
Okay. I'm not really sure. but if I add a NAT-entry to one of my servers on
the inside LAN. then when I do a portscan that port should show on the scan,
And I should be able to connect to the NATed server on the inside? Okay,
what have I done wrong if I started to add a NAT with port 3389 and
NAT-adress and then I let m0n0wall autogenerate a firewall
rule. What have I done wrong? I am using pb26r614.

And when I check status.php and what do I find?
List of active MAP/Redirect filters:

rdr xl1 port 3389 -> port 3389 tcp/udp
rdr xl1 port 0 -> port 0 gre
rdr xl1 port 1723 -> port 1723 tcp

RDR    3389  <- ->   3389  [ 49476]
	age 101 use 0 sumd 0xc7b4/0xc7b4 pr 6 bkt 1/110 flags 1 drop 0/0
	ifp xl1 bytes 120 pkts 2

Is there anyone that has a clue?