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 From:  "Thompson, Andrew" <andrew at fernico dot com>
 To:  "m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch" <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Public IP Address Setup
 Date:  Tue, 22 Sep 2009 00:04:25 +0100

I needed to renumber my home network as someone here wanted to be able to connect to a Zyxel ZyWall
VPN that wanted to use as the "remote" network which became an issue as our local
network was already "". I decided I would take this opportunity to get rid of NAT all
together and setup real IP addresses on all machines. I am fortunate to have an ISP that gives IP's
away for nothing, so I got hold of a /27 and set everything up.

m0n0wall is running with PPPoE and is automatically assigned a WAN address, I have my /27 setup as
the LAN address, and then a separate DHCP machine handing out addresses. All PC's are working just
fine, they can browse the internet, VPN even works OK now.

However, I have one issue which is confusing me. I have a Polycom IP320 VOIP phone which connects to
a hosted VOIP server. I have given the phone a DHCP exclusion, and set the necessary boot server
options and the phone boots OK, downloads the config files via FTP.

When it then tries to register via SIP, it decides to use the WAN address of my m0n0wall  and not
it's LAN IP address. Note that when it's downloading the config files via FTP, it uses it's LAN IP
as expected. Obviously my WAN IP is not expecting SIP registration packets to hit it, so it ignores
them and my phone remains unregistered.

I cannot figure out where I have gone wrong here, and it may have nothing to do with m0n0wall at
all, but it's the first place I am looking.

I have advanced outbound NAT enabled, with no rules configured. Is there anything else I need to
configure to convince this phone to ALWAYS use it's LAN IP and not my WAN IP address ?

FYI I have been running Wireshark on the hosted VOIP server and can see that the SIP register packet
has the correct IP address in the SIP part, but in the IP wrapper it has the WAN IP. m0n0wall 1.3b15
is in use.

Thanks for your help!

Andrew Thompson