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 From:  rh at ffpx dot de
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Not too MUCH!- Future plans after 1.3?
 Date:  Sun, 06 Dec 2009 01:40:44 +0100
Dear friends,

I am very satisfied until now from M0n0! - And I want at this occasion  
explain all my respect and great thanks to the maintainers and  
developers of m0n0.

I have "played" some years before with fli4l a very nice tool but  
quite a mess to upgrade and maintain - also in dead impossible to work  
it with...

My wishes now - lets speak facts:

- I am always using old PC's like actually Pentium II or something  
like that. - I remarked also that some peoples are using other  
"restricted hardware"

- I am using CF-Card-version but only 16 MB of the 1000 MB are actually used.-

So I would be happy about an option to use this space for logging -  
and of course some graphical evaluation - like at fli4l - I think this  
would be the easiest to realize?

- I am actually not using m0n0 in all its options 1.) in security  
reason 2.) because on my enterprise firewalls everything like ssh,  
telnet and so on is blocked except http and https.

So any "interface" to join some pc on my home-area behind m0n0 would be great!

- as i mentioned above, I dont have exploited m0n0 really deeply as  
there is always a lot of stuff to know about all specials. There fore  
I would really be exited to have a really

- good "cookbook" for all the different options of m0n0. - Since every  
soft is only as good as it is explained. - Last thing may be - I think  
also an lare community egagement favor...

- when I am looking at the actual connection-log sometimes I would  
like to be able to klick on some connection for adding it easily  
direct to the blocking list. - that means, that there should be also  
an "domain-visible"-Option for all the IP-Adresses.

Because: Actually I have to ping all IPs to see WHAT there is hidden  
behind, than I have to note the adress(es), to change the menu and to  
hack them there in....

I think this would be a really good "handy" feature... - may be it  
would also be extendable by a "group-feature"...

Again big thanks and

gruezi wohl...