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 From:  Aaron Cooper <amc522 at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  External PPTP VPN help
 Date:  Thu, 10 Dec 2009 16:13:49 -0500

I am using m0n0wall version 1.3 for a n office network and I am having
trouble getting multiple people to connect to an external vpn. I will
describe the problem in greater detail after this description of the router
and network setup.

LAN subnet = 10.0.1.x

Running services:
PPTP VPN (for our own company vpn)
DHCP assigning addresses -

LAN Firewall Rules:
Proto | Source | Port | Destination | Port
*       | LAN net | *     | *                  | *

WAN Firewall Rules:
Proto | Source | Port | Destination | Port
TCP  | *           | *       | 10.0.1.x      | 80
TCP  | *           | *       | 10.0.1.x      | 443
GRE | *           | *       | *                  | *      (This was an
attempt to allow vpn connections)

NAT Inbound
If       | Proto | Ext. port range | NAT IP   | Int. port range
WAN | TCP  | 80                     | 10.0.1.x | 80
WAN | TCP  | 443                   | 10.0.1.x | 443

The router is connected to a cable modem and is running on a static ip

There is one network card for LAN and one for WAN. Overall a pretty simple

If anyother information is needed about my setup please let me know. The
external vpn uses the PPTP protocol and is at some remote location outside
of our office. We are trying to connect from within our office to the
external address. When one person on the local office network is connected
all is well. Now when another person tries to connect to the external VPN
they cannot.
Even when the first person who was connected disconnects, the second person
still cannot connect. Its only after someone has been disconnected from the
vpn for a while (dont really know how long, but longer than 5 minutes) that
someone else can connect. From what I have diagnosed on the other end, it is
a problem with our router and possibly monowall.

If anyone has any insight as to why only one person can connect to an
external vpn, I would appreciate hearing back.

Thank you,