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 From:  rh at ffpx dot de
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] How to put configuration file on CD - for strong security options
 Date:  Sat, 02 Jan 2010 18:46:44 +0100
I am using this kind of configuration as well. But of course, if You  
have to follow strong security needs, this may not be allowed to  
You...!? In this moment You sould also preview an automatical reboot  
every 24h in the crontab.

I dont know if it would be possible to use an USB-Stick on Your  
hardware with write-protection options, to write-protect it on the fly  
by hardware-switch.

So may be You could store Your conf.xml on there. But nevertheless You  
will have to "hack" the standard-iso -Image I suppose, to implement  
such changes.

Software to unpack and pack an iso-image You should find on heise.de,  
sourceforge.net and so on. - That's something like an "unzip or zip"  
not much more difficult...

Otherwise You could just configure Your Version on a cf-card. Save  
Your configuration and put this file on Your CD.

To find the configuration file please refer to the online-doc at:

good luck!


> On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 13:20, balram ghimie <balramg at hotmail dot com> wrote:
>> I am using MonoWall by CD + Floppy. Due to damage in floppy, I   
>> frequntly remove and change floppy. I read in FAQ that it is   
>> possible to put configuration file in CD also. But looking at ISO   
>> file i don't find " /conf.default/config.xml " . Any one can help   
>> me and show how to make CD with configuration.
> Never done it, but it seems straightforward - unpack the .iso file
> contents somewhere, make the changes you need to to the file system as
> above, then take the directory contents again and make an .iso out of
> it and burn that to a CD. You have to do that every single time you do
> anything, like make a minor change to the firewall settings, though,
> seems like a major pain.
> Personally, I'd strongly recommend you buy an IDE Flash module instead
> (assuming the computer you are using for your m0n0 has an IDE port,
> most do).  I think a 1GB costs something like $17, and it replaces
> your hard drive... no moving parts, and it will last nearly forever
> since m0n0 doesn't write anything to it except when you change the
> configuration.
> That's what I use, works amazingly well, easy to upgrade the m0n0 when
> a new version comes out, no worries about a floppy going bad just when
> you need to reboot...  Transcend makes the IFMs, you really should
> look into it.