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 Subject:  RE: Help! m0n0wall does not run well on Intel Atom Board!!!
 Date:  Tue, 18 May 2010 09:09:12 +0800

Check out this thread. The image works for me.



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Subject: Help! m0n0wall does not run well on Intel Atom Board!!!

Dear all m0n0wall-ist
I just purchased Intel Atom Board D945GCLF and added one more EThernet card
to its PCI slot. I run m0n0wall generic PC image with version 1.32 (Latest),
but it does not work right. It couldn't recognize all of the ethernet cards.
First I thought that the other card causes the problem, so I removed the
additional card and rebooted m0n0wall with just the embedded card. But still
no card was recognized.
Does anyone ran into the same problem? Any help for solution?
I believe the LAN Card is Realtek RTL8102EL. Please help. I cannot return
the board since it is already purchased. I tried to another Same version
intel atom board and it produced the same errors.
I ran ubuntu linux to double check, but ubuntu was able to detect it and
make the embedded lan card works just fine.
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