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 From:  Joe <j dot commisso at verizon dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Traffic shape for telnet & printing priority
 Date:  Sat, 21 Aug 2010 15:16:25 -0400
Hi and thank you for m0n0wall.

We've got three ipsec vpns between four sites.

Our software operates on wyse50 emulation telnet sessions with print 
jobs through the vpns.

Some users are permitted to use the www and we want to prioritize our 
telnet/printing apps.
What happens, of course, is that the www impacts the telnet sessions.

Telnet & text printing have low bandwidth needs anyway.

I have followed the traffic shaping guide by Adam Nellemann here:
Thanks for that Adam.

I have set up two pipes per the guide as follows:

(No: Bandwidth,    Delay,        Mask, Description)

1:  232 Kbit/s,  [blank],     [blank], "<= ADSL Full"
2:  992 Kbit/s,  [blank],     [blank], "=> ADSL Full"

I have also set up queues per the guide:

(Num: Pipe, Weight,    Mask, Description)

1:       1,     96, [blank], "<= High"
2:       1,     32, [blank], "<= Medium"
3:       1,      2, [blank], "<= Low"
4:       2,     96, [blank], "=> High"
5:       2,     32, [blank], "=> Medium"
6:       2,      2, [blank], "=> Low"

I need help with the rules.

Another important item:
We have one single UNIX server which all users at all sites telnet into, 
using the vpn.

So, we need to prioritize those sessions and the print jobs which 
originate from the UNIX server and go out to all sites.

Is this simple? Because I have spent a couple of hours on this and can't 
get it.

Thanks in advance.