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 From:  GD Incorporation <rbasuki at gdincorporation dot com>
 To:  "'David Burgess'" <apt dot get at gmail dot com>
 Cc:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Internet does not reach the branch via wireless
 Date:  Fri, 3 Dec 2010 13:11:50 +0700
> As Guy pointed out, routing between wireless nodes does cut down on
broadcasts and you should consider doing it. And as Yves pointed out, with
the internet connection (and presumably most intranet traffic) being through
the main office, it would make more sense to have the AP at the main >
office with both branches making their wireless connections back to it.
> The above two points notwithstanding, it occurred to me this morning that
although your AP is the > middle hop of your current setup, you're not
actually using WDS functionality. The main office and > Branch 2 are both
acting as 1-hop clients to Branch 1. Because the internet uplink is at the
main > office, Branch 2 clients have to make two hops to get to the main
office or the internet, halving > the throughput for them.
> Aside from that, your setup should work ok if done correctly. Assuming you
want to make your current setup work with as few changes as possible, I
would recommend trying the following to get it > working:
- One thing I still need a clearance is that if using too many hops cut down
the broadcasts up to 50%, then why was I still able to connect between PCs
located in the intranet and I was still able to get DHCP from the m0n0wall.
Meaning I can still remote and access web server located at main office from
the most far branch. This is just for answering my curiosity. I do believe
somehow the upload quality was downsized by at least 50% and causes the
internet not accessible from the branches.
Another thing is that when I connected as 3 hops structure, for some reason,
the second branch also cannot access internet. In other words, internet only
works for all branches if the modem resides inside the building with wifi
set as Access Point not inside the one set as Station. Can anyone educate

> 1. Turn off client isolation in the AP if it is turned on.
> 2. Ensure all UBNT devices are in bridge mode.
> 3. Turn off the firewall on the UBNT devices if it is on.
> 4. Turn off WDS mode on all devices, just using AP and STA mode. You may
or may not get dhcp service at BR2 with WDS off. If dhcp works with it off
then I would leave it off.
--> I set the settings as what you said, but I turned the WDS on the access
point (Branch 1) and I was able to get DHCP from m0n0wall with the correct
gateway. But still cannot access internet.

This is my old settings again:
Branch 2 (Station) --> Branch 1 (AP WDS) <-- Main Office (Station + m0n0wall
+ Internet modem)
When this setting was applied, I can access anywhere internally, but
Internet only available at Main Office. Gateway was correct and DHCP works
even in Branch 2. (Branch 2 got DHCP from m0n0wall located at main office).

This is the new setting:
Branch 1 (Station) ------| 
				Main Office (AP WDS + m0n0wall + Internet
Branch 2 (Station) ------| 

In this setting I was able to explore Internet and Intranet. Just perfect. I
still suspect that the hops were too many. But then again, why branch 1
cannot access internet too on the first setting? Does this mean the internet
router MUST reside on AP side and not on station side?

Oh one thing I cannot figure out is that I set the NAT to access the
ubiquity wifis (all of them) so I can check on them from outside office. But
for some reason, I cannot access it from outside. Internally (intranet), I
can fully access it. I wonder why? This works on all wifi, even in the new