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 From:  Egbert Jan van den Bussche <egbert at vandenbussche dot nl>
 To:  Steve Yates <steve at teamITS dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Traffic shaper
 Date:  Tue, 22 Feb 2011 21:18:29 +0100
Op 1-2-2011 16:59, Steve Yates schreef:
> Egbert Jan van den Bussche wrote on Mon, Jan 31 2011 at 2:17 pm:
>> Can somebody help me put together a traffic shaper rule for VoIP?
> 	Traffic shaping is a bit complex.  The steps in general would be:
> - set up two pipes, one for uploading and one for downloading
> - set up four queues, two for each pipe (high/low priority)
> - set up rules
> For the rules, set an upload rule based on port/protocol/IP,
> to go to the desired queue.  Very similar to firewall rules.
> The rule puts the traffic in the queue, which prioritizes the
> traffic in the pipe.  Perhaps start with queue weights
> of 100:5 or 100:1, and adjust up or down from there.
> Note once VoIP traffic leaves your office,
> your ISP would be responsible for prioritizing it on their network.
 > Also note you can't really control what your ISP (remote sites)
 > shove down your Internet connection until it hits your m0n0wall,
 > so inbound prioritization is not always 100% successful.
 > Bittorrent connections can flood out everything else for example.
> The Firewall States page can help you find the ports used.
 > (note source ports are often random, and destination ports are fixed).
> --
> Steve Yates
> ITS, Inc.
Tnx Steve. I used the monowall shaping wizard to set up initial traffic 
shaping. That gives me 2 pipes and 8 queues:

1 	900 Kbit/s  	  	m_Total Upload
2 	15200 Kbit/s   	  	m_Total Download

1 	m_Total Upload 		50 	m_High Priority #1 Upload
2 	m_Total Upload 		30 	m_High Priority #2 Upload
3 	m_Total Upload 		15 	m_High Priority #3 Upload
4 	m_Total Upload 		4 	m_Bulk Upload
5 	m_Total Upload 		1 	m_Hated Upload
6 	m_Total Download 	30   	m_Bulk Download
7 	m_Total Download 	10   	m_Hated Download
8 	m_Total Download 	60   	m_High Priority Download

To give my VoIP device (a FritzBox 7270 handling POTS and DECT) as much 
as possible precedence over all other traffic, I added a two rules 
(there already many rules, mostly p2p stuff forced in low prio queues).

I've added:
IF     PROTO    Source          Dest Target
WAN 	* 	*    m_High Priority #1 Upload	

WAN 	* 	* 	m_High Priority Download

Might be narrowed down to udp and even the VoIP server I'm always 
talking to. Is this the right way to give an IP number precedence for 
all its traffic?

I hope formatting stays a bit as I designed it...

Egbert Jan