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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] How to block certain web sites with m0n0wall
 Date:  Thu, 21 Mar 2013 12:38:28 +0700
Hi Luis

Never tried untangle before. But if I am not mistaken, untangle is similar
to m0n0wall, both are firewall. So, I would prefer using one of them, but
does untangle have captive portal and ticketing and all the features in

Thank you

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Subject: RE: [m0n0wall] How to block certain web sites with m0n0wall

I solved this issue by adding a gateway behind M0n0wall. I set up a machine
with Untangle in bridge mode. Untangle is LINUX based. The base package is
free. It can require a sizeable computer depending on the load and which
apps you opt to install. Mine is a core2 duo with 2 GB RAM  and a pair of
Intel Pro 1000  network adapters. It is overkill for my network, a much
smaller machine would do. You would have to size yours according to your
needs. The various filters provided by untangle include web and application
filtering. So far, the free apps are sufficient for my needs, but there are
paid apps also, which provide a greater level of performance and control. 
On my network, anyone trying to get to playboy.com, for example, will get a
page saying that this destination is blocked.

I hope that this can help.


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sites with m0n0wall

Dear all M0n0wall experts


I would like to know if the new m0n0wall have any feature to block a certain
websites by its domain name? For example I want to block all access to
domain playboy.com. Currently what I do is I play around with DNS server
where I created a dummy dns entry for playboy.com to access dead address. So
everyone trying to browse to any site with playboy.com domain will go to the
fake address.


Currently m0n0wall only blocks by IP, but this is not enough because if one
IP is blocked, the DNS server outside the company will just reroute the
request to the next available unblocked IP.


Can anyone help me with this solution? I really hate having to play with the
DNS server.


Thank you