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 From:  Phill R Kenoyer <phill at bmg50 dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Three radio router: Anyone have this setup?
 Date:  Sat, 28 Feb 2004 13:37:10 -0800
I'm seeking information on how to configure this setup:

                     |          |                           |----
----INTERNET -------  m0n0 box |---------------------------|---- Clients
     x.x.x.1     sis0|__________|wi0               |----
               x.x.x.6          |
                                |             x.x.x.7       |----
                                |---------------Acc. Point--|---- Clients
                                |wi1      |----
                                |             x.x.x.8       |----
                                |---------------Acc. Point--|---- Clients
                                |wi2      |----

Internet router is x.x.x.1.
m0n0wall is x.x.x.6.
Access Point 1 is x.x.x.7.
Access Point 2 is x.x.x.8.
Clients would be DHCP with 10.1.x.2-254, GW 10.1.x.1.

I have a FreeBSD box at x.x.x.1 with a LMC card for internet access.  
It's working fine currently.  I have a Soekris m0n0wall box up a 50 
foot tower.  It has two ethernet and three wireless cards.  I have two 
"relays" that are NetNimble.net two radio WRIPs.  I have one wireless 
card in the m0n0wall box as an access point.  The other two wireless 
cards point to my WRIPs.  The WRIP has one wireless card pointing back 
to the m0n0wall box and one as an access point.  Customers are on NAT 
with private addresses.  Everything else has public addresses.  I'm 
using m0n0wall to block all access to anywhere except my VPN server.  
Customers will use PPTP or PPPoE to gain access to the internet.

Is this setup possible, and how would I configure it?

The part I need help with is how to setup the static routing and the 
bridging.  I think that both wi1 and wi2 need to be bridged to the sis0 
interface, but 1) I can't do that with m0n0wall, and 2) I'm not sure if 
that is even the correct way to do it.

Thank you.
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