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 From:  <EXT dash Mike dot Bradshaw at nokia dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] All CF cards created equally?
 Date:  Wed, 3 Mar 2004 15:44:55 +0200
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> From: ext Jason P Jones [mailto:jjones at integracon dot com]
> Sent: 03 March, 2004 04:21
> Tried the below brands:
> Memorex
> Sandisk
> Lexar
> PNY's work like a champ. These are 8-64 MB. The non-PNY's 
> never boot. (I
> don't have a serial cable handy so I cannot see the console 
> messages for
> debug...). PNY's come up (3 of them) and others don't (8 of 
> them) any ideas?

I have been struggling with a Verbatim 64MB card, trying to get it to work with a Sokeris 4501. 
i was not sure if it was the Adaptor i was using to write the image, a Samsung 5-in-1 USB reader,
the Flash card, or physdiskwrite.
I dont currently have a runing U**x box to DD with, so i can eliminate physdiskwrite (i don't think
it is this but with no other CF cards, or adaptors, this is the only elimination i can do)
On the Sokeris Console it gets to the bios screen and then comes up with a "no boot device" message.

from some of the early posts (in the list archive) i think i may need to junk the Verbatium, and buy
some other brand of card. 

anyone any recommendations on brand?