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 From:  Jim Gifford <jim at giffords dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] problem with ethernet card detection ?
 Date:  Mon, 8 Mar 2004 03:07:22 -0500
On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 08:42:49AM +0100, Eternal Security wrote:
> hello all !
> I m a newbie on monowall but i have a little question (question of newbie :)
> I have one ethernet card (juste one for the moment, i ll buy another, i know that i must have at
less 2 card to build a firewall) and it is a DLINK 530 TX (it is on the hardware list) and if i
enther on the interface menu when i boot monowall it give the right MAC address next to the "vr0"

This means that m0n0wall's FreeBSD kernel is detecting a Via-Rhine
chipset ethernet card.  It being able to read the MAC address means that
it is communicating well with the card.  Assuming it is a good card, it
will work well in your m0n0wall.

> I m a linux user, i suppose than vr0 = eth0

Well, yes and no.

In the BSD world, devices are usually named for their
driver name.  So the first Via-Rhine chipset card is vr0, the second is
vr1, etc.  For a wireless card, it would be wi0, wi1, etc.  The 3Com
3C595 "Vortex" card is vx0, vx1, etc.

In the linux world, most drivers register the network device as the
generic 'eth' with numbered instances such as 'eth0', 'eth1', etc.
There are some exceptions.  I've seen wlan0, ath0, eth0, and a few others.
However, most cards, even wireless, go with ethX.

Personally, I like knowing that the first ethernet card in a system will
almost always be the same name (the linux way), but I find I also like
being able to use 3 different vendor cards (hence 3 different drivers)
and identify the cards that way.  It is easy to assign interfaces without
caring about MAC addresses when you have one each of vx, vr, and dc for
example (ie, dc0, vr0, and vx0).

> But when i m using autodetection, monowall see no card and say that link is not up. (but jsut
before it gave the good mac address of my card)
> And with a computer connected to this ethernet card, i  can't ping the card (and can't access to
the web interface too) but if i reboot on my linux system, i set the same IP that i have just given
to monowall and i can t ping my linux box with the computer which was connected to monowall.

Ok, for autodetection to work, I'm pretty sure you'll have to use a switch
or hub and wait for autonegotiation to complete.  I'm not completely
positive on this one.

In any case, m0n0wall won't let you finish setting up enough to be able
to ping the LAN interface without a second card in the system (unless
you're lucky enough to have an sis0 interface).  Therefore, the first
thing you need to do is add a second interface.  You can't make the LAN
setting "stick" unless you also set the WAN interface, and without that,
m0n0wall will be having LAN on sis0 by default.

> To resume, my problem is "i think monowall detect my card, i assign the good IP address but i
can't ping my card.
> Do you know why ?

I'm pretty sure the above explanation is accurate.  However, it is 3am
here and I can't guarantee that I'm right.  :)

> Sorry for my english this is not my primary language.

No problem, I've understood much worse than this (from native english
speakers too).  Welcome to the world of m0n0wall!

hope this helps,
jim gifford