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 From:  Chris Olive <chris at technologEase dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Don't seem 2C m0n0wall on Soekris 4511 board...?
 Date:  Wed, 27 Aug 2003 18:53:17 -0400
Well, I'm joining the ranks of m0n0wall/Soekris users, or trying to this 

After following (what appears) to a "T" the instructions for running 
m0n0wall (at http://m0n0.ch/wall), I don't seem to have a running 
system.  There does appear to be one anomoly:

(1) The instructions say:

* net4511/net4521 only: choose "Assign network ports" in the serial 
console menu and enter nothing for the DMZ interface name and wi0/an0 
(and/or wi1/an1) for WLAN1(/2)

That doesn't appear on the net4511 serial console menu at all.  Here's 
what my net4511 boot screen looks like:

comBIOS ver. 1.15  20021013  Copyright (C) 2000-2002 Soekris Engineering.


0032 Mbyte Memory                        CPU 80486 100 Mhz

Pri Mas  SanDisk SDCFB-8                 LBA 245-2-32  7 Mbyte

PXE-M00: BootManage UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build 082)

Slot   Vend Dev  ClassRev Cmd  Stat CL LT HT  Base1    Base2   Int
0:00:0 1022 3000 06000000 0006 2280 00 00 00 00000000 00000000 00
0:09:0 104C AC50 06070002 0107 0210 10 3F 02 A0000000 020000A0 10
0:18:0 100B 0020 02000000 0107 0290 00 3F 00 0000E101 A0001000 11
0:19:0 100B 0020 02000000 0107 0290 00 3F 00 0000E201 A0002000 05

 4 Seconds to automatic boot.   Press Ctrl-P for entering Monitor.

comBIOS Monitor.   Press ? for help.

 > show

ConSpeed = 9600
ConLock = Enabled
BIOSentry = Enabled
PCIROMS = Enabled
PXEBoot = Enabled
FLASH = Primary
BootDelay = 5
BootPartition = Disabled
ShowPCI = Enabled

 > ?
comBIOS Monitor Commands

boot [drive][:partition] INT19 Boot
reboot                   cold boot
download                 download a file using XMODEM
flashupdate              update flash BIOS with downloaded file
time [HH:MM:SS]          show or set time
date [YYYY/MM/DD]        show or set date
d[b|w|d] [adr]           dump memory (bytes/words/dwords)
e[b|w|d] adr value [...] enter bytes/words/dwords
i[b|w|d] port            input from 8/16/32-bit port
o[b|w|d] port value      output to 8/16/32-bit port
cmosread [adr]           read CMOS RAM data
cmoswrite adr byte [...] write CMOS RAM data
cmoschecksum             update CMOS RAM Checksum
set parameter=value      set system parameter to value
show [parameter]         show one or all system parameters
?/help                   show this help


I don't see an "Assign network ports" option anywhere?  Is there 
something I'm missing?  The net4511 documentation appears to be quite 
thin, so I'm hoping someone here sees something...

The CF seemed to write well.  I used 'dd' under Linux:

$ gunzip -c net45xx-pb14r458.img | dd of=/dev/sda1 bs=16k
320+0 records in
320+0 records out

...was my output.  That matches with the CF size uncompressed (16384 x 
320).  The MD5 checksum matched...

I tried a "boot 80" command from the net4511 console and that didn't 
work either.  Also tried (with a network crossover cable -- I don't see 
why that wouldn't work?) to obtain an IP address via DHCP on the LAN 
port (Eth 0 on the net4511) -- both ports actually.  Nothing.  So I'm 
kinda at my wits end here.


Chris Olive
chris (at) technologEase (dot) com
(pronounced "technologies")