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 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  For Manuel Kasper
 Date:  Tue, 9 Mar 2004 03:53:41 -0300 (ART)
Manuel, you wrote:

>If you have mask = source set on your 128 kbps pipe, then each machine 
>will get 128 kbps (as long as the link is not saturated, of course ;). 
>If mask = none, then all machines will have to share 128 kbps among 
>them. In either case, no single machine can get more than 128 kbps, 
>even if there's much more bandwidth available.>
>If you want to let machines "borrow" bandwidth if nobody else uses it, 
>create a pipe with mask = none and a bandwidth value slightly below 
>your effective upstream speed. Then create a queue which references 
>that pipe, mask = source, weight = 1 (or any other value, doesn't 
>matter). Finally, add a rule that puts all outgoing traffic (out on 
>WAN) into that queue. That should create a dynamic queue for each 
>machine with the same weight and linked to the same pipe, which means 
>that all machines will share the available bandwidth equally, while a 
>single machine can still use all the bandwidth if no other machines use 
>Good luck!

My question is: If some of the computers of the network (my network has 12 PCs) opens programs
like Kazaa, Emule, etc. there is a way to priorize the web browsing, messenger, and other more
importants internet services over the P2P programs that takes all the available bandwidth ?
My question is, what is the correct configuration for traffic shaping to make an efficient
management of the available bandwidth?
My internet connection is : 512 kbits Downstream, 128 kbits Upstream.
Like I sayed, mi network has 12 PCs, where the users opens programs like Kazaa (new version try to
connect through any open port, 80 included), Emule, BitTorrent, etc. and I wish to do, that all
the computers browse fine the internet, and can use the messenger without problems, and in second
place can download with P2P programs, whitout takeing all the available bandwith.
What is the correct Traffic Shaping configuration for this ?

Thanks to all you Friends!!!

Jose Iadicicco

P.D: Good work with m0n0 Wall !!! It rocks Manuel!!

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