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 From:  Richard Morrell <dick at dickmorrell dot com>
 To:  Melvin Backus <mbackus at bellsouth dot net>
 Cc:  David Rodgers <david dot rodgers at kdsi dot net>, m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Comparative Products to M0n0wall
 Date:  Fri, 12 Mar 2004 10:38:41 +0000
Agreed !!!

Quoting Melvin Backus <mbackus at bellsouth dot net>:

> At 11:01 AM 3/11/2004, David Rodgers wrote:
> ><SNIP>
> > > 5) M0n0 doesn't have the depth of usability (or user friendliness that 
> > SW does)
> >
> >Monowall is MUCH better at the core function which is AN ACTUAL FIREWALL
> >than smoothwall is. If you are a business looking for a firewall and you
> >know what you are doing that's what you want ... not all the fluff. I
> >will say that it isn't as easy because you have to understand what a
> >firewall is and what is it supposed to do and actually define rules to
> >pass traffic ..... but if you are managing a firewall and don't know
> >these things ....well ... you are probably an MCSE and should not be
> >entrusted to do this work to begin with.
> Or you're one of the many, many of us who work for small cash tight 
> companies and are saddled with the responsibility for this in addition to 
> whatever our other *real* job is simply because we're more technical than 
> anyone else in the office.  I'm sure we could convince our employers to
> either buy a commercial FW appliance or hire out a consultant to handle the
> task if we were willing to take that expense out of our pay checks.   Don't
> get me wrong, I agree that if you're going to do this you should know how 
> to do it.  But then again, that's why most of us, (well maybe only some of 
> us) apparently including the original poster, are on lists like this is to 
> learn how to do it.  We relish the guidance of those gurus among you who 
> have the requisite knowledge and are willing to share it so freely.  Please
> don't chide us too harshly when we ask seemingly stupid things.
> Melvin

No idea who David is but his ego is a tad annoying. We are ALL network 
professionals. We all have a common aim, I hate wise cracking MCSE waving wise 

David if you've nothing to add please just turn the volume down and go back to 
ruling your users with a rod of iron.  A lot of people are here to learn and to 
understand stuff. You've swaggered and frankly talked out your ass for 24 hrs 
now - give it a rest and let people learn. 

OpenSource be it BSD or Linux is a good thing - stop turning this into 
the "perfect world scenario" and also please credit me with having a little 
more ability, knowledge and respect in the community than you do.