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 From:  "billy" <billy at hnisecure dot com>
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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Static Routes
 Date:  Sat, 13 Mar 2004 07:03:10 -0500

Your static route states to get to network, go through the
gateway of, which is you WAN and of course will fail. I believe
you have three options (help me out guys if I'm wrong).
1. Place Management in same subnet as LAN (obvious).
2. Add another monowall box between LAN and Management Subnet and setup
3. Add another NIC to your present m0n0wall and setup rules to pass traffic.


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Subject: [m0n0wall] Static Routes

How do you get static routes to work? I am using m0n0wall v1 and have it
successfully forwarding HTTP requests to my web server and VoIP traffic to
the Motorola VT1000v. m0n0wall is also providing a semblance of QOS for my
VoIP using the traffic shaper. The only thing I lack is being able to connect
to the VT1000v management interface from the LAN. My LAN IP address is the
standard, the VT1000v management interface resides at I have created a static route, Interface = LAN,  Network =,  Gateway = but I still cannot connect. I have
tried adding various rules, turning off "block private networks", and other
things, but no good.

Has to be something simple that I am overlooking.

m0n0wall ---- netgear switch-|------- PC (DHCP)
                             |--- WAP ( Static)
                             |--------Server ( Static)
                             |--VT1000v (LAN interface Static)
                             |        |
                             |--------|(Management interface in ROM

Hope the drawing is readable/understandable.

Thanks in advance.