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 From:  "Holland, Keith C SSG 1st IO CMD" <kcholla at 1stiocmd dot army dot mil>
 To:  "'steven murphy'" <murphy at imelectronic dot com>
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 Subject:  RE: HELP! DSL PPPoE problems
 Date:  Fri, 26 Mar 2004 07:49:11 -0500
If you are sure the PPPoE is properly configured and you are getting an IP,
then you could check your DNS server settings. After I initially set mine
up, I could not get out either, until I figured out that the PPPoE does not
auto populate the DNS servers. 

Otherwise, it should work out of the box, if the default rule is enabled. I
am new to m0n0 so I am not sure if this default rule is present in all

Protocol: Any
Source: LAN net
Port: *
Destination: *
Port: *

This worked for me right from the start, enough for me to get onto the net.
I did however, disable it and set up connection specific rules for my
network (deny all, allow by exception policy). 

Hope this helps,


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From: steven murphy [mailto:murphy at imelectronic dot com] 
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Subject: HELP! DSL PPPoE problems

ok, im running a net4501, DSL with PPPoE w/ DHCP gets an IP on eth0, 
eth1 is my LAN w/DHCP, the default filtering setup in m0n0 should let 
me through, and on the internet , all other settings being the default, 
corerect?  because I am not getting anywhere.

my next plans are: set up the wireless, set my server with all the 
ports being forwarded so I can still serve up HTTP, FTP, e-mail, and so 
on, and set bandwidth shaping on the wired ethernet ports, and wired as