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 Date:  Sat, 27 Mar 2004 01:21:48 -0500
Oops...looks real bad how I tried to diagram it earlier so here's
another go.


Internal/Trusted Interfaces

OPT ( with DLink WAP
OPT2 ( for externally accessible Servers "Is this


External Interface

WAN (External IP)


PCs and internal Servers will use --> Wireless
devices will use --> Externally accessed servers
will use -->


Is this configuration possible with m0n0wall???  If so, how can I secure
access from/to the wireless clients (they would need Windows domain
access including email)Is PPTP or IPSEC possible between internal
interfaces?  I will still use WEP I would just like one extra layer of
protection.  I know I would still be venerable to man-in-the-middle
attacks :(


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Subject: [m0n0wall] Another wireless setup question.

Tried to find the answer in the archive with no luck...

Is this setup possible?  Is there anyway to secure the traffic between
the LAN, OPT1, OPT2 interfaces?
Wireless device(s) and PC(s) need to access services on the server(s)

Wireless device(s) (>.254)

			     DLINK WAP====OPT1 (
|                 |
===|---m0n0wall------|WAN (external IP)
|                 |


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