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 From:  Manuel Kasper <mk at neon1 dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Extensions
 Date:  Sat, 27 Mar 2004 20:23:30 +0100
OK, as promised, support for extensions has been added in 1.1b1, and
here's how it works:

- during the final stage of the boot phase, the boot scripts check
for the existence of the directory /etc/inc/ext. If it is found, the
boot scripts check all subdirectories of that directory for a file
called "rc" and execute each one.

- the webGUI checks for the existence of the directory
/usr/local/www/ext - if it is found, a new "Extensions" section is
created in the navigation bar, and any files named "menu.inc" that
are found in subdirectories of /usr/local/www/ext are included in the
navigation bar just below the "Extensions" heading (by means of a PHP
include() call). Note: webGUI PHP files (except .inc files) must be
marked executable, saved in UNIX format (LF line breaks) and have the
following string as their first line:


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- Manuel