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 From:  Al Dykes <adykes at panix dot com>
 To:  "" at panix dot com
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] CDROM ISO
 Date:  Thu, 01 Apr 2004 08:16:46 -0500
A headless PC can easily cost $15USD /month  on your electric bill. A 
Soekris box draws a
fraction of the power.   It adds up.

The hard disk and fans on an old PC are, well, old.   Fans fail, 

Jim Wells wrote:

>First my appreciation of Manuel's efforts bringing this project to all of
>us. We have been using the m0n0wall for just a few months and we have been
>fascinated with the ability to connect vpn tunnels to the cisco pix and
>linksys vpn endpoint firewalls. Truly a great product.
>I wanted to know if there is any reason not to run the m0n0wall from the
>cdrom with the floppy on a standard pc with 2 nic's opposed to using the
>image version to a hard drive or the flash version. I know the flash version
>is small but we can pickup old Pentium II or III computers for almost
>nothing plus an extra network adapter for less than the cost of the hardware
>for the soekris. I just wanted to get some pro's and con's from some of the
>users on the list.
>Jim Wells
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