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 From:  "T. Lechat" <m0n0wall at lechat dot org>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Cc:  "Adam Nellemann" <adam at nellemann dot nu>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] The traffic grapher - A problem and a question/comment
 Date:  Fri, 2 Apr 2004 00:34:04 +0200

For the problem you describe, Konstantin got you a probably correct answer.
>Just go to Adobe site and install latest SVG viewer
Try with SVG 3.0 or 3.01 and if it doesn't solve your problem, try the beta

About your others questions/suggestions :
I can get you some pieces of answer :
> I was a bit surprised to see this particular (SVG) solution used for
> the traffic grapher. Perhaps someone would care to elaborate on the
> reasons behind this choice?

SVG is probably, I hope, the next Internet Standard about vectoriel graphic.
This is a standard on W3C, and as far as I know, most of browser support it.
Note too, that adobe svg plugin 1.0 is widely installed since it was
distributed quietly in the adobe pdf plugin 5.
SVG is particulary well adapted to be generated by php like script.
SVG does not requires any commercial licence to be generated (not like flash
or shockwave) Because you need no generator to play with it. It's like html,
human readable and writeable (-; without any soft.
Not only adobe have made svg plugin, there is also a corel plugin and two
other less-knew company have their own.

> Personally though, I would consider an approach where a dynamically
> produced image (PNG or GIF) was used to show the graph(s), so as to
> avoid the need for a plugin and thus keeping the webGUI as compatible
> as possible.
It is another solution. But if you want the same realtime graph, it will be
more ressource cruncher that you think, since you need to restart a php
process every time. And it is less 'esthetic' since you need to reload and
refresh the page where gif stand with all blank time you will probably got..
And I forget to include network traffic to reload the graph (-;

>But I get the impression that this new graph page
> wasn't intended for doing long-term statistical analysis, and so
> wouldn't be expected to remain active for extended periods )
The SVG traffic grapher is really stable and do not consume a lot of
ressource on m0n0wall. Since m0n0wall is just responsible to get new value
of data at each refresh cycle. Calculation and drawing are made by the
browser. And as you will see, there is no more ressource eated on browser
side to do that. I personnaly use 'SVG traffic grapher like' for month,
without restarted browser. So you can quietly used it for a long period.
About doing long time analysis, it is better to use external tools like mrtg
or rrd or any stuff especially designed to do that.

> In case this approach is deemed unfeasible, I'd consider a solution
> similar to the current one, but using Shockwave Flash instead. At
> least this is a very common, and widely supported plugin. Some
> browsers (notably IE) even come with built-in Flash support, removing
> the need to install a plugin altogether.

As I said Shockwave is a commercial solution, and that means that creator of
shockwave must buy licence. I think it is not the way of m0n0wall. If you
have a licence, just make the shockwave traffic grapher and proposed it to
manuel (-;

> There is also the issue of company policies regarding installation of
> plugins to consider, which will probably be less of an issue with
> Flash, and non-existent with the dynamic-PNG solution.
No trouble about svg adobe plugin : public and commercial licence are free
of charge and it is distributed in the same way that flash.

> Anyway, just my two cents. And don't get me wrong: No matter how it is
> implemented, I'm a sucker for anything graphic and "blinkenlichten"
> and am very happy to see this particular feature making it into the
> beta (and hopefully the release at some point). Now, about that
> suggestion for a 3D screensaver in the m0n0wall webGUI... :))
If you are happy, it's fine. I'm happy too to see this feature in this
release. And sure lot of users will be too. (I hope }-; )

> P.S. Please excuse my longwindedness, can't help it I'm afraid :(
Not too bad (-;

At end, I just will say that SVG Traffic Grapher is one of many solutions.
Maybe not the best, maybe not the worst, just a good look and useable

- Thierry       (who like SVG as you can see)