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 Subject:  RE: Re: [m0n0wall] Where is the SSID???
 Date:  Fri, 2 Apr 2004 16:40:50 -0500
From this description it sounds like you have a bad port on your soekris. I
have setup many of these and I've not seen your issue at all. Try taking out
the aironet card and see if the console detects the other sis port. I
suppose it could be a hardware conflict with the aironet card that is
shutting down the sis port.


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This is correct.  I already have an AP in infrastructure mode and I have
been able to establish a link to it using the CF image from teletronics.  So
I know the card is not the limiting factor.  (Their user interface sucks,
hence the reason I'm trying monowall.)

The problem as stated earlier is that I cannot get to the settings to
configure the wireless parameters.  ie.  ssid, wep, etc.  They don't exist
in my webGUI!  Period.  I have been told by other posters that I need to
associate the cisco card to OPT1.  (YES?)  However, no one seems to be able
to tell me how to do that.  That is not an option  from the webGUI nor is it
an option from the console.

On console menu, when I choose option 1. 
1) Interfaces: assign network ports

I can assign sis0 to LAN no problem.  Then it prompts for WAN interface.  I
can either choose an0 or nothing.  If I choose an0, then I have nothing to
assign to Optional 1.  If I choose nothing, then the application returns to
the main menu.  In either case I cannot assign an0 to Optional 1 which is
what I might need (based on replies to this email.)

So what next?  How the heck do I configure the wireless parameters.  
This seems like a very simple question yet no one seems to be able to point
me in the right direction.

Thanx to all for your help.


>He said he already had an access point that he is trying to link his 
>firewall to, so any wireless card that can operate in infrastructure 
>mode should work fine, regardless of the chipset.

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