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 From:  Hilton Travis <Hilton at QuarkAV dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall mailing list <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Edimax AP (previously "FreeBSD 5.2")
 Date:  Thu, 08 Apr 2004 08:44:21 +1000
Hi Adam,

On Thu, 2004-04-08 at 07:38, Adam Nellemann wrote:
> Hi Hilton,
> Thanks for the model name update.

NP - I hate the way some companies confudse and befuddle themselves by
simultaneously naming things in a variety of ways.

> Looking once again at the Edimax site, I still don't see your exact 
> model, but it's getting warmer! I thus found two products that might 
> possibly be their new version(s) of your AP:

Yeah, I just had a look, and it looks like this model is now EOL.

> EW-7207APb - 802.11b Enterprise Wireless LAN Access Point with 802.1x, 
> Radius Server, WDS

Well, the 7205AP+ has 256-bit WEP (useless, since Windows XP doesn't
support anything over 128-bit) and also 802.11b+ support (22Mbps). 
Aside from this, it looks like an update to my model.  Mine has 2 fixed
antennae, is approximately the size of a ciggy packet on steroids, and I
cannot take the cover off easily since I cannot locate the plastic
catches holding the top on.  I've not played with WDS, but it may be
something that has been added since the AP I have.  Mine can run as an
AP and AP Client, as well as a Bridge.  This unit seems to have an
inbuilt RADIUS server, which may be appropriate for those people wishing
to run a WPA-encrypted WLAN without another RADIUS server available.

> EW-7206APb - 802.11b Wireless LAN Access Point  (AP, AP Client & WDS 
> Functions)

This looks like the direct upgrade from mine.  Similar to above, just
without the RADIUS server.

> Any of these sound like comparable products? (Specifically I'd like to 
> get confirmation that these are using much the same hardware as your 
> AP, as this would indicate that the same level of stability could 
> hopefully be expected.)

My unit has a Samsung ARM 7 CPU - these two both have Realtek CPUs.

> Aside from lacking g and/or b+ support, these two both seem to have 
> just the features I need, unlike most other APs which tend to have at 
> least some "router bloat". I guess I'd want the newer 7207, which seem 
> much the same except for WPA and more RAM and ROM space?

Yeah, mine has the same memory stats as the 7206 here.

- HiltonT

> Hilton Travis wrote:
> > Hi Adam,
> > 
> > On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 13:14, Adam Nellemann wrote:
> > 
> >>Hi Hilton,
> >>
> >>Hilton Travis wrote:
> >>
> >>>I have a single laptop here that I run in wireless mode (I don't bother
> >>>with the onboard 10/100 at the office, unless I'm doing serious network
> >>>copying).  I bought a cheap Edimax Wireless AP - model GL2422AP - which
> >>>is an 802.11b+ AP - it runs my 802.11b laptop easily, and can also
> >>>handle 802.11b+ devices - such as the laptop a colleague has with an
> >>>802.11b+ USB dongle on it.
> > 
> > This model Wireless Access Point is actually known as the "EW-7205AP+",
> > even though the model number printed on the unit is that which I gave
> > above.
> > 
> >>>This unit has never crashed on me - not once, not even close.  I'm
> >>>rather fortunate, I believe, from the bad reports I seem to get from
> >>>owners of all other APs that I hear from.  I have not heard anything
> >>>from anyone else who uses one of these units, so from my experience, all
> >>>I can do is recommend them.
> >>>
> >>>It has WEP, WPA and Mac filtering as its security options, and may even
> >>>provide SSID hiding - I have not bothered looking for that.
> >>
> >>This sounds like a great AP, and since I'm currently looking into 
> >>replacing my wireless card in my m0n0wall box, with an external AP, I 
> >>tried to find the model you mention on the Edimax homepage. 
> >>Unfortunatly I wasn't able to find a GL2422AP product, nor anything 
> >>sounding remotely like it?!?
> > 
> > This model Wireless Access Point is actually known as the "EW-7205AP+",
> > even though the model number printed on the unit is that which I gave
> > above.
> > 
> >>Do you know if this is because they have discontinued this particular 
> >>model, and/or replaced it with some very different products, or am I 
> >>simply looking at the wrong Edimax site?!?
> > 
> > 
> > Nah, its that they name a model differently on the box/website than they
> > do on the actual Wireless AP.  :S



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