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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Problem connecting to ISP after a month of usage
 Date:  Mon, 12 Apr 2004 18:04:09 -0400
Yeah I actually tried that (formatting floppy, new floppy, new CD)

I would install it on a HD if I can locate an extra one.  I'd like to
keep the internal HD with the "Linux thingie" still on it just in case.
I'll most likely try the compact flash card a shot...


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Subject: Re: [m0n0wall] Problem connecting to ISP after a month of usage

Hi Ron,

Just a stupid question (but better to make sure):

Have you tried another floppy and/or formatting it? (To check for 
config.xml corruption!)

A more "far out" thing to try would be burning another CD, in the 
unlikely event that it has gone bad in some obscure way (since it 
obviously seem to boot m0n0wall ok?!?)

Finally, while you wait for someone else on this list comming up with 
some better suggestions than the above: Why not run m0n0wall from your 
harddisk, since you like it better than your Linux thingie. There is a 
generic-PC version of m0n0wall for this purpose (it will also give you 
a much faster webGUI, since it writes the config.xml file to the HD. 
Personally I use this setup, but with a CompactFlash <-> IDE adaptor 
instead of a "real" harddisk, to keep down sound and moving parts, and 
it works like a charm!)

Hope this helps (or at least provides some useful info)?


forums wrote:
> Up until today (4/7/04) I have been running m0n0wall off of CD since
> beginning of March of this year and have had no problems.
> Unfortunately today my internet connection dropped and I could no
> obtain an IP Address from my ISP.  I tried rebooting, setting a static
> IP address, etc.  With no luck I ended up ejecting the CDROM and
> connected a hard drive which had a Linux based firewall installed and
> configured that I was using previously and had no problems receiving
> IP address and surfing the web.  If disconnect the hard drive and boot
> to CD and floppy containing m0n0wall it once again fails :( 
> I needed to get the internet connection back up so I'm backing using
> Linux based firewall for now BUT I liked m0n0wall better and want to
> switch back BUT can't. :-( :-(
> Any clue as to what happened? I was using m0n0wall for a straight
> with no reboots or problems.  I can't see how it can be hardware since
> the Linux firewall works with no problems.
> Thanks,
> Ron
> My hardware config:
> Intel Celeron 1.7GHz
> MB MSI P4MAM-L MS-6787 Motherboard
> 256MB DDR RAM PC3000
> Onboard NIC (WAN Interface)
> 3Com 3C905C (LAN Interface)