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 To:  eshorkey at commonpointservices dot com
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  [m0n0wall] bandwidth limiting
 Date:  Tue, 11 May 2004 13:31:35 -0300 (ART)
Dear Eric:
You wrote in reference to traffic shaping:

>> All you need to do is create one pipe with a 128k limit. Within the 
>> pipe
>> configuration, set the mask to source or destination. (If you're 
>> limiting
>> incoming bandwith, set it to destination. If you're limiting 
>> outgoing, set
>> it to source.)
>> Then create the rule(s) that use the appropriate pipe. m0n0wall will 
>> then
>> limit each user's bandwidth individually, based on the pipe mask. So 
>> 100
>> users each get their own 128k slice of bandwidth, and are never 
>> allowed to
>> use more.
>> With T1's and a bunch of users, your best bet is probably not using 
>> pipes,
>> but using queues instead. A queue allows you to prioritize your 
>> available
>> bandwidth, rather than simply capping it. So if only a single user is 
>> using
>> the bandwidth at any time, they get the whole pipe to themselves. As 
>> users
>> start using up the available bandwidth, the queue will ensure that 
>> every
>> user gets their share of time based on the weights you give. If 
>> everyone
>> gets the same slice of time, then you only need 1 queue, and you just 
>> set
>> it's weight to 1, or whatever the default is. Queues let you 
>> prioritize the
>> traffic of particular users. In your case, you probably don't care 
>> about
>> that feature, but the benefit of letting each user have as much 
>> bandwidth as
>> is available is probably a good idea. Overall, your users will get 
>> more done
>> as files will transfer as fast as possible, but only when there is 
>> enough
>> bandwidth to go around.

I am sharing an ADSL 512 Kbits downstream, 128 Kbits upstream between 12 users, limiting the
bandwidth with pipes to 64 Kbits Downstream and 32 Kbits Upstream per user.
I would like to do a dinamic bandwidth sharing, in that way that when just 1 user is using the
connection, it could take all the available bandwidth, and when there are more users, the
bandwidth would share between them.
I think its possible with queues, but I dont know how must I configure the traffic shaper.
On other way, what happen when one of this users opens a P2P program like kazaa, emule, etc?
I dont want that one user could take all the available bandwith when others users try to use it.

Please help me to solve this problem!!
Thanks to all you friends!!


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