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 From:  Stefan Stasik <chex at localtel dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Cc:  Stefan Stasik <chex at localtel dot com>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] some problems with m0n0wall; turn ping on, realtime traffic monitor
 Date:  Thu, 13 May 2004 11:09:02 -0400 (EDT)

A bit slow to respond, but I am moving along with getting m0n0wall to work

On Fri, 16 Apr 2004, <bloo at sveiks dot lv> Instigater wrote:

> Ping problem - make firewall rule on WAN interface to allow ICMP
> protocol.
> Instigater

Got It. here is the rule:

Firewall: Rule: WAN: ICMP
Source: *
Port: *
Dest: *
Port: *

works like a champ.  Thanks!

On Fri, 16 Apr 2004, <david dot cook at jetpress dot com> David Cook wrote:

> >2nd:  etherreal.  I loved having etherreal to watch traffic on
> >my router.
> >Espically now, I need to figure out what IP and ports my VoIP box is
> >using, to try to setup up high-priority queueing for those
> >IP-ports.  How
> >can I watch the traffic flowing across my router in realtime?
> >( I dont think SNMP will work for this.. )
> Don't know your setup, but if you have the m0n0wall WAN interface
> to a router you could put a simple HUB in between and then watch

> This would limit you to just seeing traffic on the WAN interface, but   
> for your requirement that ought to be enough.

Yes, this is a good idea. However I was hoping to avoid having to have   
ANOTHER piece of hardware on my LAN setup.  Im a little confused how snort
works, but Ill take a look at it.  Could Snort/etherreal just look at the
WAN interface on m0n0wall, for example?  This is related to another 
problem I need to solve, which is to watch the traffic on my SPA2000, so I 
can figure out what IP-addresses I need to set for highest priority in 
Queues in M0n0wall.  How can I watch the IP traffic from my SPA if I am 
using m0n0wall as my router?

> Have you considered using the standard HDD image either on a HDD, or
> even better on a CF card in place of a HDD? CF is what m0n0wall was
> designed

> CF to IDE adaptors are readily available. If you want an idea of options
> for a standard PC have a look at
> http://www.cfide.co.uk/compact_flash_ide_adapters.shtml. OK this is a UK
> site but similar, if not the same, products should be available in North
Great Idea! I am persuing this now.  The Price of the adapter from the UK
to USA is a little high. Does anyone know of anyone selling this Laptop
CF-IDE adapter for a reasonable price in the States? I did a quick look on
froogle.com and couldnt find anything state-side.

For now, I will focus on getting the pc-image to work on the hard drive of
this laptop, and see if I can get a USB ethernet card to work on it.

Also, how does one shoe-horn the m0n0wall-image onto a laptop hard drive?
I am thinking of imaging the .img file to a hard drive in my desktop
Windows box, then ghost the partition to a .GHO file, then use Ghost to
ghost the partition onto the harddrive of the laptop.  Would that work? I
think it would.

I managed to get this to work.  For instructions on how to do this, talk
to me. However, Niether Pc-Card ethernet card worked for me, so I am still
stuck at the moment.

Thanks to Jim G, Dave C. Chet H. and Instigater for all the responses.

- Stefan in Boston, Mass.

I later posted this to http://m0n0.freedomlink.net/ but no-one seems to be 


This is exactly what i am trying to solve. Right now, Im using the .ISO
image on a Micro-ATX Quiet+Cool Via 800 Box. I wnated to set it up on a
laptop, but the PC Card drivers for both the PC Card Ethernet, and PC-Card
USB adapters seem to be non-existant. So now I am thinking of using a
small-form factor ATX case... if I can find one cheap enough on Ebay.
I would still like to get a PC-card equipped old Laptop to work with m0n0, 
if possible. 

What I need: 

- List of USB 2.0 PCI cards that work
- List of PCI Ethernet cards that work
- List of USB <> ETH adapters that work. (I know one.. the SMC EZ Connect 
one. can be found used on EBay, no problem... )
- List of PC-Card USB 2.0 adapters that work. ( I have the Adaptec 
Cardbus32 USB-2.0, doesn't work.)
- List of PC-Card Ethernet adapters that work. ( I have 2, Avaya Silver, 
and Netgear MA401, neither work with m0n0. )


-- Stefan