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 From:  "Christian Nyegaard" <christian at nyegaard dot net>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Problems with traffic shaping / queueing
 Date:  Sat, 15 May 2004 16:38:40 +0200

I know this has been asked about 10.0384 times before, but I've been unable
To find anything in the archives covering exactly my problem. If it's there
I've been unable to find it and I apologize for the trouble etc.

I've also googled for generic information about this, but again; unable to
Find anything that helps me further.


Setup is as follows:

-> Unlimited single-pair g.shdsl line (2.3mbit)
--> m0n0wall
----> LAN

Pretty simple setup. The problem:

The g.shdsl line is full duplex. I cant get this to happen.

When utilizing the line to about as much as I get out of it downstream-wise,
I max out at about this:

Down = ~2.20 mbps
Up = ~600kbps

No matter how I shape or trick or trade or queue I cant get this working
I know other people with the same line from the same ISP with no problems so
I'm quite
Confident this problem lies with my setup and configuration, not with my

I've tried, as said, mostly everything when it comes to the shaping and that
leaves me
With some questions.

Is the pipe's defined bandwith troughput in either both ways or one
Depending on how it's sat up ? Because when I tried to make a
non-directional pipe with
Aprox my avaialble trougput (say 4.4mbps) this didn't really help me out in
any way either.

I should also mention I'm using a ip telephony setup (sipura adapter -> PSTN
phone) and need
This to be prioritized before everything else.

I've tried to send ACK packets into a non-directionally controlled queue
with the weight 100,
This didn't help on the full duplex issue. I've tried to limit the bandwith
on either pipe,
Didn't help.

I'm also quite sure this is all caused by me not knowing enough about this
to tweak it properly.

I'd love to get some help on this one guys (and girls?), config files etc
avialable if needed.

Any input would be highly apreciated.

Christian Nyegaard mailto:christian at nyegaard dot net