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 From:  ubi de feo <ubi at twodotone dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  many problems with dhcp, routing and ping
 Date:  Fri, 21 May 2004 10:37:11 +0200
hi, guys.
i'd like to start saying i'm not  a linux network/firewall expert.
i use linux since 1 year ago.

i really need somebody to help me out with this.
it's turning me nuts.

i bought a soekris net4801 to make a firewall out of it.
my internet connection is an ADSL from KPN (netherlands).
i have 2 routers.

speedtouch 510(i)
speedtouch 510(i4)

these 2 pieces of crap have an internal firewall.
after 2 days working on it, i was able to make both dhcp-spoof 
sip-spoof working.
now, it's not that i couldn't try on other machines, since i have 2 win 
pc's, 2 linux boxes, 2 macs (os 10.3).
the only thing not working is the net4801 and m0n0wall

u're sure wondering what the issue is.
here i come.

when i have dhcp-spoof active, all the computers get everything from 
the dhcp, except m0n0wall.
same when i use sip-spoof.
now, how can this be?

here's my configuration

thomson speedtouch with sip-spoof
eth ip address

external static ip 213.84.18.xxx

ISP dns1
ISP dns2

ISP gateway

everything works on computers if i set

the static ip to the external one
the subnet to
the gateway to
the DNS's to the ISP ones

that works seamlessly on Mac,PC
with the only need of this on Linux

route add dev eth0
route add default gw

but no way to make it work on the m0n0wall.

instead if i put my m0n0wall box inside another router that works as a 
firewall and gives every client DHCP data, the box gets everything and 
but in this case its IP is 10.0.0.x and the same for DNS and gateway
to me it's just a problem of routing and rules.
only i don't know how to make route additions, maybe.

first i need to set the netmask to 32, so i have to make it in the 
exec.php page because of the typo in the php that has 31 as the 
so, what i type in the exec.php page is

ifconfig sis0 213.84.18.xxx netmask broadcast
route add 213.84.18.xxx
route add default

anyway, everytime i reboot the machine, these routes get lost. why?

does anybody have any suggestion on how to make this work on my 
do i need to set any special RULE for the WAN interface to see the 
DNS's and the Gateway?
please, help me out

thanx a lot