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 From:  ubi de feo <ubi at twodotone dot com>
 To:  ubi de feo <ubi at twodotone dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] many problems with... - could somebody please clear this?
 Date:  Wed, 26 May 2004 00:50:54 +0200
sorry, but since in 5 days nobody replied, i think i have to post it 


On May 21, 2004, at 10:37 AM, ubi de feo wrote:

> hi, guys.
> i'd like to start saying i'm not  a linux network/firewall expert.
> i use linux since 1 year ago.
> i really need somebody to help me out with this.
> it's turning me nuts.
> i bought a soekris net4801 to make a firewall out of it.
> my internet connection is an ADSL from KPN (netherlands).
> i have 2 routers.
> speedtouch 510(i)
> speedtouch 510(i4)
> these 2 pieces of crap have an internal firewall.
> after 2 days working on it, i was able to make both dhcp-spoof 
> sip-spoof working.
> now, it's not that i couldn't try on other machines, since i have 2 
> win pc's, 2 linux boxes, 2 macs (os 10.3).
> the only thing not working is the net4801 and m0n0wall
> u're sure wondering what the issue is.
> here i come.
> when i have dhcp-spoof active, all the computers get everything from 
> the dhcp, except m0n0wall.
> same when i use sip-spoof.
> now, how can this be?
> here's my configuration
> thomson speedtouch with sip-spoof
> eth ip address
> external static ip 213.84.18.xxx
> subnet
> ISP dns1
> ISP dns2
> ISP gateway
> everything works on computers if i set
> the static ip to the external one
> the subnet to
> the gateway to
> the DNS's to the ISP ones
> that works seamlessly on Mac,PC
> with the only need of this on Linux
> route add dev eth0
> route add default gw
> but no way to make it work on the m0n0wall.
> instead if i put my m0n0wall box inside another router that works as a 
> firewall and gives every client DHCP data, the box gets everything and 
> works,
> but in this case its IP is 10.0.0.x and the same for DNS and gateway
> to me it's just a problem of routing and rules.
> only i don't know how to make route additions, maybe.
> first i need to set the netmask to 32, so i have to make it in the 
> exec.php page because of the typo in the php that has 31 as the 
> maximum.
> so, what i type in the exec.php page is
> ifconfig sis0 213.84.18.xxx netmask broadcast 
> route add 213.84.18.xxx
> route add default
> anyway, everytime i reboot the machine, these routes get lost. why?
> now...
> does anybody have any suggestion on how to make this work on my 
> m0n0wall?
> plus...
> do i need to set any special RULE for the WAN interface to see the 
> DNS's and the Gateway?
> please, help me out
> thanx a lot
> ciao.ubi
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