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 From:  Daniel Loomis <dloomis at cox dash internet dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Soekris 4521 booting and wireless problem
 Date:  Thu, 03 Jun 2004 23:01:30 -0500
Two Problems:

I installed m0n0wall 1.0 on a Sandisk 64 CF then installed it in a
Soekris net4521 with Teletronics (Senao) NL 2511 CD 200mW pcmcia card
and external 15db planar antenna.  I upgraded the firmware on the NL
2511 CD to ver 1.07.  The unit is setup as a Firewall, Router and
Wireless Access Point.

Problem 1:  The AP will not autoboot.  I have to drop into monitor using
a serial terminal and type: boot 80 before it will boot.  The standard
installation puts m0n0wall on partition 4 of the CF.  So I changed
comBIOS to boot paritition 4, but it still won't autoboot.

After manually booting the unit (with boot 80), I was able to setup the
internal and Wireless-OPT interfaces using the serial terminal.  The
rest I configured using the Web interface.

Problem 2:  I get a wireless signal from the AP on my laptop (Toshiba
1415 running WinXP Home), but cannot make a connection.  I have tried
the same setup both with and without WEP enabled, rebooting both AP and
laptop after making the changes.

The very same hardware works well with Wisp-Dist, which boots with
Syslinux. I also run Pebble Linux on the same board, but have to boot
with Syslinux installed on a small DOS partition instead of Lilo. I
could never get Pebble to boot Lilo on this board.  I suspect the boot
problem is related to something amiss on the Soekris board, but have no
idea how to check it out.  The Soekris has been upgraded to comBios ver.
1.15.  Wireless running either Wisp-Dist or Pebble on this hardware
works just fine.

I went back to using Pebble, but would really like to switch over to
m0n0wall/FreeBSD if at all possible.

Dan Loomis