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 From:  Adam Nellemann <adam at nellemann dot nu>
 To:  "m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch" <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  A few (very minor) suggestions for the webGUI
 Date:  Wed, 09 Jun 2004 18:13:03 +0200

Just a couple of suggestions for quite minor (read: mainly cosmetic) 
improvements/changes to the webGUI:

- Interfaces: WAN - Might this page be more "readable" if it were to 
show only the settings relevant for the choosen "Type"? (If this 
should in any way pose a problem to script, a tab for each "Type" 
might be another, simpler, way to achieve this. Perhaps the way to go 
would be a solution with two tabs, one for the "common" settings, 
including the "Type", and one for any type-specific settings. This way 
no client-side scripting will be necessary to show the right settings 
for the choosen type, as these would then be on another page than the 
"Type" dropdown itself!)

- Various "lists" (rules, aliases, etc.) - Might it be possible to 
re-use the sorting code present on the "DHCP Leases" page, so as to 
allow the various lists in m0n0wall to be sorted according to the 
various fields shown in them? (I'm aware that the DHCP page was done 
by someone not otherwise in charge of the webGUI code, but I was 
hoping that either he, or an "official" webGUI developer, would be 
able to "port" the code to the other lists?)

- exec.php - Might it be an idea to have links to this (and possibly 
other "hidden" pages, such as status.php) under the "Diagnostics" 
menu? What about maintaining a clickable list (from cmd. history, 
and/or user editable) of "frequently used commandlines", allowing 
these to be executed with a single click of the mouse? If there are 
reasons to keep these "hidden" pages hidden, perhaps some way to enter 
such "clickable commands" directly in the config.xml instead, and then 
showing these on a diagnostics page, such as "Ping" (would be one way, 
for those people wanting traceroute etc. on this page, to get what 
they want!)

- Traffic graph - It would be nice with a user configurable update 
interval/speed and an option to manually scale the Y-axis (that is, 
one or two fields for entering the upper, and possibly lower, 
bandwidth limits shown in the graph). Also, the ability to show more 
than one interface in the same graph might be very useful (the 
simplest way to do this, would be with a choice of showing all 
interfaces or just one).

As usual my suggestions aren't of great importance to the functioning 
of m0n0wall, but rather has to do with the ease of use and the overall 
feel. As such, I don't expect these to be implemented with any kind of 
"priority" (if at all), especially as I can't do them myself. They 
should however be easy to do (most of them anyway), and would IMHO 
make m0n0wall even better than it already is, so my hope is that some 
developer, perhaps someone already working on something related, might 
find the time to add one or more of these features "on the fly" ;)


P.S. If suggestions such as the above should rather be directed to the 
developer list, please let me know. Not being activly involved in the 
development of m0n0wall, I'm kind of hesitant to post on the dev-list, 
especially with such minor matters as these.