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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] VPN between m0n0wall and IPCOP/Smoothwall
 Date:  Wed, 9 Jun 2004 20:30:22 +0100 (BST)
Dave thanks for the support - appreciated - talk is cheap - one thing I've 
learnt and thats just the remit of the community - there always will be 
someone who takes a shot. Luckily I'm big enough and ugly enough to eat 
most for breakfast without breaking into a sweat.

Thanks but the reason I'm quiet people is I spend my life now working with
the suits (but I still rebel from the inside). I am pretty maxed out
working on the security needs of a few million of my employers customers
which sharpens and continually hones the awareness radar. I still am 
involved in the community pushing projects and also working with vendors 
on GPL'ing technology which then funnily enough benefits you guys.... 
funny that.

There is a reason why I recommend, sponsor and help promote M0n0 - in fact
there are 3

1) Lawrence and I started the first drive towards webdriven "appliances"
built from GPL/BSD licenced code and thats started a wealth of cool stuff,
M0n0 deservedly - if it continues to grasp features - should some point in
the summer of 2005 grab SW's crown. For the record I put at least a years
salary which I never got back into SW GPL and it was the gutsiest and best
thing I ever did - look at the good it did.

2) The author of M0n0 just happens to be an inspirational guy who one day
will realise he has an ability to make changes in the way people adopt
technology and make "change acceptance" simple.

3) Because I am committed to funding OpenSource and BSD projects - which
is why I sponsor to the tune of several thousand dollars a quarter out my
pocket at least eight projects out there in the community.

Regardless of comments (which are cheap by the way) I am proud of having
6m+ firewalls out there with my name on it. It's certainly nice when
people say hi in the street and want to talk Linux/OpenSource. It's given
me a good living, a comfortable retirement and the ability to help direct,
focus and hone the use of alternative technologies.

Read more about M0n0 in an upcoming article in the UK's Computer Shopper
magazine this month. Due out in next few weeks. I'm also working on new
distro - netserva - can't say any more just that it makes SW look crap.

Best wishes

Richard Morrell - dick at dickmorrell dot com / richard dot morrell at ntl dot com

Co-Author and founder of SmoothWall, Award winning security technologist 
and Linux afficionado. For press info read 
http://www.dickmorrell.com/press or contact Donna Biddle my press agent on 
press at morrellnet dot com. For interviews and speaking opportunities please do 
not approach me directly.