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 From:  "Martin Holst" <mail at martinh dot dk>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Captive Portal VS IAS radius
 Date:  Fri, 11 Jun 2004 13:28:22 +0200
Hi all!

Has anyone successfully set up Captive portal with an IAS radius?
...and if so: Would you care to post a simple how-to?

PPTP connections against my Win2003 IAS works like a charm. (Thanks to
Michael Iedema's doc).
But when using the same credentials with captive portal I get "Access

I'm guessing that something encryption-related is misconfigured in
"Remote access policies" on the IAS - can't figure out what though :o(

I've tried the following:
 - Policy conditions - Tried allowing "Ethernet" as well as "VPN"
 - Encryption - tried "none"
 - Authentication - tried all options including "Unauthenticated access"

I can also see that the IAS log entry is different when logging on
through captive portal, but don't know how to decipher it.

For the portal page I'm using a simply copy-paste of the suggestion in
the Web-GUI:

   <title>m0n0wall captive portal</title>
   <h2>m0n0wall captive portal</h2>
   <form method="post" action="">
      <input name="accept" type="submit" value="Continue">
      <input name="auth_user" type="text">
      <input name="auth_pass" type="password">

Thanks in advance for your help - and sorry about my complete lack of
knowledge on the subject.

Best regards

Martin Holst