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 From:  Adam Nellemann <adam at nellemann dot nu>
 To:  Peter Curran <peter at closeconsultants dot com>
 Cc:  brwatters at abs dash internet dot com, m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] OpenVPN support??
 Date:  Wed, 16 Jun 2004 12:18:59 +0200
Peter Curran wrote:

> Brian
> The simple answer is that I haven't a clue.
> I think that the whole of the module interface needs some thinking about.  For 
> my part, I have my own build of m0n0 so it is not an issue as I have simply 
> patched the GUI.  However, Manuel has asked that enhancements like this that 
> are not likely to be a core part of m0n0 should be built as modules.
> I suppose the answer is to lobby for it to be a core part of m0n0.  I would 
> like to see how well it works and performs before making any sort of comment 
> about that idea.
> Peter

I'm guessing that modules will work just as well with the generic-cd 
images as any other. It's not like there is support for "plug'n'play 
modules" anyway. As I understand it, it will be necessary to install 
the modules in the image itself, so it should be the same procedure 
for cd based images, if I'm not missing something essential here?