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 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Re: trouble connecting via pppoe
 Date:  Tue, 22 Jun 2004 14:56:35 -0400
taharka wrote:

> Howdy Axel,
> Not enough info in your original post. Which version & platform of m0n0wall
> are you using? 

m0n0wall 1.0 on a soekris 4501

> How about a diagram of your setup?

My network is very simple. Here is a makeshift diagram.

Internet <--> DSL modem <--> m0n0wall <--> Netgear Switch <--> LAN 
computers and devices

> Was m0n0wall working
> previously with your 1.5Mb service? 

Yes, and let me clarify. I was and still am on 1.5Mbit service. To make 
the transition to the 3Mbit service seamless my ISP suggested to do it 
in steps.

Step 1: convert current 1.5Mbit service from static IP to pppoe
Step 2: convert 1.5Mbit service to 3Mbit service

I failed during Step 1 because the m0n0wall was unable to connect on the 
WAN interface using pppoe. After this step failed my ISP reverted my 
service again to static IP. I am back online using m0nowall.

> FYI, your DSL modem is a discontinued
> product that was used by Verizon's DSL service & is still in use in my area
> (Lexington, KY). No need to set the modem in bridge mode because it's just a
> dumb bridge that passes everything. 

This is what I had gathered from the westell website, but i wasn't 100% 
sure because the information there regarding my dsl modem is VERY 
limited. It also is in line with what my ISP told me about the modem 
which is where i got it from.

> My guess is a cabling issue

I will try switching cables and try again. However, please note that 
this same cabling worked fine when I was connecting via a static IP. 
Physically nothing was changed in the setup when I made the attempt to 
switch to connect to my ISP via pppoe. The changes were purely in the 
configuration on my ISP's side and in the m0n0wall on my side.

> or the
> modem's ethernet port is connected to the wrong interface on m0n0wall.

I think I can rule this out based on the fact that no cabling was 
changed during the attempted switch. Everything works fine when 
connecting the m0n0wall via a static IP to my ISP.

> My
> Westell 36R516 was replaced with a Fujitsu Speedport & both work just fine
> with m0n0wall. For info on your modem, go to westell.com, click on technical
> support & select your model from the Manufacture Discontinued drop down box.

I have done this, however the information available is very limited. 
There is pretty much nothing technical about the modem available. The 
only information is about how to turn it on, and what the different 
lights on the modem mean :).

> BTW, I'm using the m0n0wall CDROM platform version 1.1b14.

I am going to try it with 1.1b14 if swiching cables fails.

> Have a nice day!!

Thanks for your response.