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 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Re: trouble connecting via pppoe
 Date:  Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:06:46 -0400
Joey Morin wrote:

> try the new 1.1b14 image.  a problem with pppl-linkup has been fixed,
> where the pppoe connection would succeed, but DNS assignments were broken.
> while this may not be exactly the same as your problem, depending your ISP
> it might be related.

I will try it with the 1.1b14 image as you have suggested and will 
report back.

> confirm that the netcard you are using for your WAN is working.

Its a soekris 4501, so i can't really replace the netcard. However i was 
able to connect fine for a few months prior to attempting to switch to 
pppoe over the same interface. The only difference is that it was via a 
static IP on the m0n0wall instead of pppoe. And after the attempt to 
switch to pppoe failed i am still now fine connecting over the same 
interface using static ip. Maybe its a problem with the interface that 
only shows up over pppoe? Is this protocol more "sensitive"?

> i've
> pulled a lot of hair out trying to track down a problem with a pppoe
> connection on a m0n0 that turned out to be a bad netcard.  i was misled by
> the fact that the card worked fine under windows.  it was nevertheless
> broken in such a manner that the freebsd drivers failed to work properly
> with it.  looking at your log, i see:
> 	mpd: mpd: warning: line too long, truncated
> this is the same thing i saw with the bad netcard.

I hope this is coincidence, or that it has a different meaning. If the 
interface is bad on my soekris i'll have to see if i can get an exchange.

> maybe try swapping the cables and interface assignments to confirm that
> the card works.  or just get another card.  try a different make/model if
> you can...

I will use different cables just to be sure as. I'm pretty sure the card 
  itself works, at least it does with a static IP. If switching cables 
and moving to 1.1b14 doesnt work i will see what i can do about changing 
the interface assignments on the soekris.

Thanks for your help. I have some things to try now.

Axel Taferner